Me In The Middle of Learning To Stand On My Own

I found Two Poems I’d written ~ in those first years ~ when I was coming to terms with the reality that the person who I thought was there for me was never really there.  I was learning to stand on my own and to find ways to push through all the walls that were coming down.  I was learning to believe in the possibilities that might be opening up for me.  It took every ounce of creative effort and courage that I could muster.  Writing poems during those first years was a way of finding expression for what I wasn’t able to make sense of while I was experiencing it.  When I reread them from a different place, a more improved view, I saw how important these exercises were.  They were stepping stones to carry me through that time to a new and better place in my life.  A life that keeps moving forward with hope while wrestling with Life’s paradoxes.



(c) mlq


Not sought after ~ this divorce
Thrust upon me as last resort
Insanity running its full course
Destroying trust and mutual support.

Sacrament now turned nightmare
Unraveling years of hopes and dreams
Document once sealed our covenant
Now document seals our parting means.

Final period closing painful sentence
Marking wreckage left behind
Will one day find me free of malevolence
Allowing forgiveness and peace of mind?

Mary Lou Q


Choose Life

Currents of humor and understanding
Toward the human condition
Life’s path created by paradoxes of life
Challenging past held beliefs
Toward unique revelation
Sun shines on evil as well as good.

Forms of life-force and truth
Point toward responsible kinship
Belief in goodness and care for humanity
Moves me out of my own poverty
Toward unique evolution
Choose Life ~ that my future may live!

Mary Lou Q

Sketches © Mary Lou Q

7 thoughts on “Me In The Middle of Learning To Stand On My Own

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  4. Life is a roller-coaster ride. The depths of our plunges carve out a space in our souls as beautiful and magnificent as the Grand Canyon. If we hold on we will once again rise with a renewed sense of meaning and purpose. Sharing your experiences through your writing is a blessing to you and those who read it. I, too, have journeyed to the destinations you so eloquently wrote about.

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  5. I see then, Mary Lou, in these two poems an acknowledgement of what is, painful as it was, then a moving through a “letting go,” to an understanding that in the new space created (by circumstances and by your acceptance) by that letting go, an allowing of a positive life force that you have, can, and will build upon.

    Thanks for sharing!

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