Me In The Middle of Writing 101

The Eternal Sea of Creativity

The Eternal Sea of Creativity (c) Mary Lou Q

Why Do I Write? ………………. Writing 101

I write because I have a story to tell and memories to share.  The story and the memories are through my eyes and not a reflection of someone else’s perception.  Sometimes our stories can be lost or hidden from view unless we find our own voice.  Writing allows an expression of that longing to be heard when we’re surrounded by other versions, other perspectives and other agendas that can distort and embellish the validity of our own experience.

Writing has been a path to my middle ground.  It’s there at the center of my thoughts that I’m able to find that thread of continuity of my own self.  It surprises me when, after procrastinating on getting started, I find a joy and freedom that begins to awaken and I wonder why I waited to begin.  It’s an awakening that points to the whole ‘me’.

What stands out in my memory about my writing experience over the years, more than the keeping of a diary or writing a personal journal, is that writing has become a way to be able to identify the process of finding out where I fit within the middle of things …… my reality.

I remember an award I received in an Anthology of New York-New Jersey High School Essays ~ “Young America Speaks”.  I was genuinely surprised that my essay was chosen and I felt mine wasn’t as good as the other high school writers.  When I reread what I wrote at this time of my life, I can clearly see that what I wrote was helping me to find my place ……. where I belonged in the middle of things.  It was saying I was a part of it all and that I belonged here.

Whenever I attempted to write poetry, it was usually at a more challenging time in my life.  When I was sorting through life’s paradoxes and finding my way through the complexities and seeking answers.  When I wasn’t able to find the words to express what was going on inside, writing poetry helped to define that struggle.

There’s value in writing!  Sharing what we write is secondary to just the pure act of putting pen to paper.  When it comes to the gifts and revelations we receive about life, both now and in the future, writing is a priceless contribution to ourselves and others.

16 thoughts on “Me In The Middle of Writing 101

  1. this is what I think blogging is all about! It’s not about changing your style to attract more readers, it’s about being authentically “you” and writing from the heart – I loved this post Mary Lou x

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  2. Hi Mary Lou,
    There is value in writing! I like it. It is true that by putting pen to paper and by expressing yourself, you not only find different shades of yourself but also where and how you fit in amongst others. And that is very important. Writing helps that way very well. Great post!

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  3. That is the true feeling of a writer and writing; it really can help us discover our reality and gives us an opportunity to dig deeper into our personalities and unfold traits we’ve never been aware of before. Have a beautiful Monday please. 🙂

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  4. I completely agree with your last paragraph there, about the value of writing. That’s a message I’ve been trying to drill into my boys, and they fight me every step of the way. The trend towards video blogging and the like seem to have drilled the ability to appreciate both reading and writing out of today’s kids.

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