Me In The Middle Of Being Grateful

November Grid

(c) May Lou Q

Writing 101 ~  Make a List

Last November I was in the middle of taking an On-line Art Journaling Course with Joanne Sharpe ~ Draw Your Awesome Year 2014.  For November we used the theme ~ Something I’m Grateful For Each Day Of November and we illustrated each day as gifts.  It was such a rewarding exercise!

So, when WordPress Writing 101 gave the assignment to make a list, I decided to do something similar except make a list of a dozen gratitudes for 2015.  It’s been a great year all the way through!

A Dozen Gratitudes for 2015

  1. I love waking up in the morning and seeing the light of the new day streaming through my window.  Life is a gift!
  2. This year has given me wonderful friendships with lots of new experiences.  I’m so grateful for them.
  3. The Joy I’ve found in creating watercolor sketches and focusing in on the details of our beautiful world.
  4. Renewed strength and health so that I’m able to walk five miles along a wonderful scenic trail.
  5. I’m at a point in my life where letting go feels really good … letting go of people and expectations.
  6. Finding my inner self and no longer being a self critic .  So much gratitude for this.
  7. A knowledge that whatever comes my way, good and bad, I can meet it with strength and courage.
  8. A year without any health problems.  In fact, I’ve improved along the way.  How about that!
  9. The courage to ask for support and guidance while making a commitment to myself!  I matter!
  10. Grateful for the healing power of writing.  A path to the clarity of finding my own voice.
  11. My comfortable, cozy apartment that’s become an expression of me and what I love.  ❤
  12. A sense of community ~ of connectedness ~ with people, near and far, who are there for me.
“There is an unchanging spark from the Creator in each of us, our highest self, a piece of God. And we are all connected.”
– Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

19 thoughts on “Me In The Middle Of Being Grateful

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  5. Did you draw this! I like it so much. I like the colors and how each day represents a gift. Thank you for sharing your gifts of the day. Have a giftful 2016!

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      • Oh, it is so beautiful. For Christmas, I bought myself a book, called “Calm”. I have only started reading it but one of the things to do is to state three things a day that made me happy. Your drawing is really a very colorful way of expressing what was special about your day. I am not going to wish I could draw so beautifully too, but enjoy the image. Such a pitty I do not have it at hand. It really makes me happy when I see it.

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  6. Amen, and amen, Sister in life, hope, and expectation.
    I am thinking of the dawn of each new day and the thanks I give – yes, an “exercise” for each and all to engage in.

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