Me In The Middle Of A Virtual Cup of Coffee


Writing 101 ~ Update my readers over a cup of coffee 

Coffee Mug #2

(c) Mary Lou Q



If we were having coffee right now …..

I’d tell you how awesome it is that we can connect this way and how much it means to me to be able to share with you.  Some of you are from all over the world and some are right here in the USA.  The ability to get to know you while sitting in my living room with a cup of coffee is fantastic!


If we were having coffee right now …..

I’d share with you that this past week of seeing terrorism at work, has almost brought me to the place of hopelessness.  It almost brought me to a place of resignation that hate is winning over love.  I read this poem by a blogger I’m following and felt that she expressed exactly how I was feeling.  A human reaction to a violence that strikes out and destroys what people of good will strive to build.  Our hope is in the children growing up in this world.  We need to start there!  We need to show them and teach them that the courage to love is more powerful than cowardice of hate…………….

I Am Tired of Praying for This World ~ Thank you, Laura Lord


If we were having coffee right now …..

I’d tell you I still believe in peace………… I still believe in love …………… I still believe in the goodness in most of us who chose to do the right thing.  We can’t be divided in these beliefs and straddle a fence between love and hate. 

At times like these I like to listen to the beautiful spirit of John Denver. Never stop dreaming ………………….

John Denver ~ Peace Poem & Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream


If we were having coffee right now …………

I’d want to hear your hopes and dreams.  I’d ask you what gives you strength during difficult times?  How you put aside fear and act on love? 

20 thoughts on “Me In The Middle Of A Virtual Cup of Coffee

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  2. Is this not one of the most intriguing topics ever? virtual cuppa coffee? 🙂 If we were having coffee, I’d tell you what a nice post you wrote about the same topic. Thank you

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  3. Thanks, Mary Lou I look forward to reading more of your writing. And, I am also a big fan of John Denver. Peace to you, fellow writer. It starts with each of us. Then we connect, and our peace grow exponentially from there.


  4. Thanks Mary Lou for these comforting words. I do too believe that most people are good at heart. I like your “coffee-moment”. So genuine. This morning I started following someone also from the USA, but living in different countries on well-fare. She had pictures from all kinds of coffee she drank. Here she is With kind regards.

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  5. I don’t hope or dream. I live. That being said, I am currently working on what could be categorized as a dream: I am working on becoming a better writer, engaging in the blogging community, seeing the world despite all the fears and challenges that come with it. I dream to continue being the person I want to be. Strength comes, for me, in knowing that I will get through. This will pass. If not a reality, then the way I feel about that reality. Time is the best medicine.
    With regard to putting aside fear…. that would be a long conversation! (And I don’t know where it would start)

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