Me In The Middle Of Stretching To New Heights

Giraffe Jason Morgan

Photo from Jason Morgan



~ Stretching to New Heights ~

What is it about each of us
 that we are always exploring?
Stretching to new heights?
A hunger to be set above
 the rest ~ to be special.

It amuses me that even
 the tall, lanky giraffe
(head towering above most trees)
still seeks the new juicy leaves
 on treetops high out of reach.

You’d think she would be proud
~ this long-necked gal!
Content with the height
 she was given!
But No!

Just like each of us,
 she wants to grow MORE!
See more! Be more!
Experience all
 that this life can offer!

And my thoughts for her are;
“I wish you JOY, giraffe!”

by Mary Lou Q




(This is just a fun post with a poem I wrote back in 1979 when I returned back to school to take some college courses and begin to move forward to improve my life in positive ways.)  ❤

6 thoughts on “Me In The Middle Of Stretching To New Heights

  1. Hi Mary Lou, thank you for the follow! I love the look of your blog and feel that I, too, am “in the middle”, though with moments of beginning and ending. Maybe you could say that on average, I’m in the middle. 🙂

    Isn’t interesting to read the poetry from your youthful self? Do you find that elicits strong memories and emotions, almost more so than looking at a photograph?

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    • For sure I find the poems I wrote give me more of a picture of where I was at that time than seeing a photo. Both are wonderful in their own way. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing, ML.
    Just like each of us,
    she wants to grow MORE!
    See more! Be more!
    Experience all
    that this life can offer! –

    Yes, I think and believe that is why “we” are here on this planet at this time.
    And, to reach the new growing leaves and feel the sun on our growing parts
    You can’t get stuck in the branches below
    They grew and were once full of tasty leaves
    Or so they seemed at that time and place

    Now they are bare,
    so when we dare
    To stretch for what we now want to find –
    To leave what was behind-
    We gather the power
    To make this moment flower
    We set aside all that is sour,
    And reach high above to new, fresh flowers.

    Reach, grow, experience – all wrapped in love.

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