Me In The Middle Of Creating A Blessing Wave #Blesstival

2014 Year 2 (2)

© Mary Lou Q

This week I’ve been on a Blessing Wave!   Sophia’s Children set the wave in motion by forming a  Blog Blesstival – Create a Blessing Wave to Start the New Year!  If you want to join in, please take a look!  The WAVE is growing!

For me, it all started with a post by Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings In Nature that brought me back to the truth that we find the most blessings when we are in our natural surroundings.  Nature teaches us to be richly in the moment…… to let go of expectations……. and look around with anticipation for those moments of new awareness.

~ “Adopt the Pace of Nature. Her secret is Patience.” Ralph Waldo Emerson” ~

It happened to me over the holidays.  Blessings came from being in the present and guiding my thoughts.  The holidays can be a time of pulling my thoughts back to the past and how things used to be.  It can be a time of building expectations around how each holiday ‘should’ be.  Letting go of expectations and having an attitude of anticipation really helped me to find the blessings that I might have missed if I had allowed myself to be caught up in all the hype that society builds at this time.  Those two blessing killers ~ ‘perfectionism’ and ‘people-pleasing’ ~ can be exhausting if we let them take over our thoughts.

So, just like Pooh, Today is my favorite day.  I never know what blessings are going to appear and I want to be present when they happen.  January has started out with an abundance of grey skies and rain  Although I miss sunny days, I found that blessings came into my life on those days just because it was a rainy day.

I was coming out of shopping one day, after many days of overcast and rainy skies.  After putting my groceries into the car, I happened to look up.  There in the sky was a huge glorious sun set in the bluest sky you’d ever want to see.  I felt so blessed that I had to take a picture of it.  ♥


So I hope you’ll join the Blessing Wave!  It’s happening between now and February 22nd.  I’ll be riding the wave a few more times during that period!  Hope to see you there!

~ “Rain is God’s Blessings in liquid form.

 ~ Barbara Radisavljevic” ~

AWR website

© Mary Lou Q




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