Me in the Middle of Creating a Blessing Wave ~ #Blesstival

Mosque Open House

I went to an Open House at the local mosque in my  community.  It was a blessing!

I have come to gradually know more and more about Islam and Muslims through a leap that my youngest son took back five years ago when he moved to the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.  When he invited me to join his family there for Christmas in Arabia, it was a trip of a lifetime that I couldn’t walk away from.

Over the years, my neighbor and his family have shown me the personal side of Islam and of being a Muslim through their kindness and reaching out to me.  It’s been a blessing knowing this family and watching each of their children grow from the time they were each a baby.

So, when I learned there was going to be an open house at my neighbor’s mosque, once again I welcomed the opportunity to get to know more and to become more aware.  It was a wonderful welcome and everyone was so helpful. Standing room only! There were informative presentations, calligraphy lesson, henna art, multicultural food, mosque tours and prayer.  While visiting the prayer room we were asked to take our shoes off before we entered the room.  Our tour guide welcomed any questions we might have.  I noticed three framed calligraphy pieces on the walls and asked if it would be alright if I took pictures.  She said it definitely would be alright and proceeded to tell me what each one represented.  The one of the left means “God (Allah) ~ His Majesty”, the one in the center means “Everything is from God (Allah)” and the one on the right means “Beautiful Patience”



My neighbors were there in the kitchen helping to fix the food to share with us.  The children were participating in the activities that were provided for them, and the oldest son was helping to clean up and assist in anyway he could.  It was a real blessing to see their faces light up when they saw me at their open house.  

There was a police presence very visible outside the mosque while the event was going on.  Without going into the negative climate that exists today surrounding those who might not wish us good will, I only can hope my message encourages more people to become more aware and be open to learn.


(c) Mary Lou Q

~ Calligraphy is written right to left  ….. ‘Love and Peace’ ~


(This post is a part of the Blesstival 2016.  The Blessing Wave was started by Sophia’s Children.  It’s a wonderful idea!)

10 thoughts on “Me in the Middle of Creating a Blessing Wave ~ #Blesstival

  1. In the climate of fear and ignorance we currently live in it was inspirational to read this,

    “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”
    ― Frank Zappa

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  3. Sounds really great. Peaceful, loving and informative …not to mention good food! I would like to go to one. So sad about all the stigma!

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  4. This is so beautiful, Mary Lou. Thanks for adding it to the Blesstival Blessing Wave, and also putting it out there as healing and awareness-raising! The calligraphy artwork, and the beautiful sentiments, are powerful. xoxo Jamie

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  6. Loooooooove this post!!! Thank you for sharing. I’m so impressed that you went to the open house. Not many people would do such a thing especially with all the fear that is surrounding the notion of Islam. And I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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