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My theme for the A to Z Blog Challenge @AprilA2Z during the month of April is ~ My Life Is My Masterpiece ~ Lessons Learned.  For 26 Days (with Sundays off) I’ll be posting a word that begins with each letter of the alphabet, and that fits my journey and lessons learned along the way.  My About Page gives me the focus.  It’s going to be fun, and challenging!   I hope you’ll stick with me as I strive to meet my goal!!

Masterpiece and Work in Progress


ARRIVAL ~ I’ve arrived at a place where looking back on the good and the bad along the way brings me a sense of peace and contentment.  I recognize the girl, daughter, sister, woman, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother and friend who traveled down these paths to be a strong human being who had her own sense of self always at the core of her life.  A human being who decided to face life’s challenges with an attitude of hope and perseverance.  It’s good to look back and to see that you’ve arrived at a good place in spite of those times of self-doubt and wavering.


As you grow older
You become wiser
You mature and realize your potential
The greatest gift of time, however, is that you discover your true inner strength and beauty which was
always within you but hidden before.
Look back on your life as the story of you.
Look forward to new adventures.
You’ve worked hard and prepared the way for some of the best days of your life.

-Doe Zantamata


A - Z Blog (A)


“These folks, it appears, found a way to use hardship, pain, and loss creatively. They have made of their lives works of art, they have found ways to become themselves, to achieve wholeness.”  David Goff ~ Arrival 



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* Note:  My letter sketches were made from ideas I found on Google Images. *


76 thoughts on “Me in the Middle of #AtoZChallenge ~ Letter A

  1. Hello Mary Lou, Thanks to you I know of this A-Z Challenge. I see that you have been succesfully busy in giving your blog an appealing look. Hopefully I will find the time and motivation to continue this challenge. Even if I do not succeed, I will have stepped a few mice steps and that’s ok for me. See you.

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  2. One is always learning, my Grams told me when I was young. You never stop learning. When you do, you’re dead.
    While reading I was reminded of her and read more!
    Thank you, Dearie 🌹 for reminding me: she’s still here 🍀🐰

    Sir Leprechaunrabbit

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  3. Stopping by from the Blogging from A to Z Challenge thread. I like your theme. It’s very true. We all need to grow, to be the work in progress. But that shouldn’t detract from the person we are right now! That’s the best person we can be at this time. Good luck with the Challenge.
    Robin Rivera
    From WriteOnSisters

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  4. It is nice to look back on life – the challenges and the easy rides with peace and contentment. All the relationships long gone, and ones continuing, all the experiences. It’s good. Lovely post, Mary Lou and I wish you happy inspiration through the rest of the alphabet.
    Peace, contentment and inspiration,

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  5. slightly off topic – whenever I come across the kid with the meme, I am wondering how this all started, and how old is he now 😉
    great post , good luck on the challenge!

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  6. I love your take on arrival. I can identify with some of it. I think as we go through stages of life there is a sense of arrival in each one. I, too, am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother and friend. I love your artwork! I like the idea of being a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time. 🙂

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  7. I don’t think I’ve “arrived” yet at a point of peace and contentment, but I like the idea that I am who I am today because of all my life’s experiences – both good and bad.
    I do however look back on some experiences with regret and wish that I knew then what I know now.

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  8. It’s a good place to be! What a great beginning for April 1st. I’m looking forward to joining you in your journey 💛
    Thinks … Can we call it a journey since we have already arrived ? 😉

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  9. I’m finding that midlife has given me the blessing of feeling that I’ve arrived too – finally my authentic self (that ties in with my first post for the a to z) Lovely that we’re on the same journey! Leanne from
    cresting the hill

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  10. Hey Mary , Arrival thats deep 🙂 And i loved the doodle of A you did. Even i doodle, thinking of ways to incorporate in the future posts …some homework to be done on that.
    I loved the doodle idea. !!! Also loved this quote “You are allowed to be both a Masterpiece and a Work in Progress”
    @sneha_sasi from
    Life As a Potpourri

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  11. I completely empathize with (and love) your first sentence ‘I’ve arrived at a place where looking back on the good and the bad along the way brings me a sense of peace and contentment.’ Now I just hope I can hold on to it 🙂 Excellent start to the challenge and look forward to more

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