Me in the Middle of #atozchallenge ~ Letter N


My theme for the A to Z Blog Challenge @AprilA2Z during the month of April is ~ My Life Is My Masterpiece ~ Lessons Learned


By bringing nature into our lives, we invite humility.

~ Richard Louv ~


Nature #8


One of the blogs I follow ~ Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings In Nature ~ posted this beautiful reminder of the blessings that come to us through nature.  I wanted to include it in my post today (Here)


Nature #4


I was raised in a family that highly valued nature and the preservation of the natural environment.  I can remember following my older brother around  as he waded barefoot in creeks and streams looking for fish, frogs and tadpoles.  Nature has always been a source of escape and wonder for me.  It wasn’t until I became an adult, faced with the challenges that face us as adults, that I truly came to appreciate the centering quality of seeking nature as a refuge.  Whenever life’s stresses would overwhelm me, I’d head over to the nearest county park and hiking trail.  There was something meditative about mindfully walking along, at a steady pace, and allowing my thoughts to come and go.


John and Me at Saddle River NJ

Me and my brother 


Nature #7


When you see how nature adapts to new environmental changes you recognize that we human beings have a responsibility to  approach change in our own life and in our world in a life-giving and protective way.


Nature and Soul NYC #2

(c) Mary Lou Q

The 2016 A to Z Challenge #atozchallenge@aprila2z  is 26 Days in April (No Sundays) of blogging using each letter of the alphabet as a prompt for each blog.  My theme for this Challenge is My Life is a Masterpiece ~ Lessons Learned  



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* Note:  My letter sketches were made from ideas I found on Google Images. *

19 thoughts on “Me in the Middle of #atozchallenge ~ Letter N

  1. It’s so great you grew up in a family that valued nature and wanted to preserve it. Your childhood sounds like mine, wading around in creeks, although I was often alone as by big brother was more of the indoor type. I love this post, Mary Lou, and thank you for referencing me. I really appreciate it!

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    • Reading your post was a real blessing, Mary! A message that I wanted to share with others and it fit nicely with my Nature AtoZ post. 🙂


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