Me in the Middle of #atozchallenge ~Letter W


My theme for the A to Z Blog Challenge @AprilA2Z during the month of April is ~ My Life Is My Masterpiece ~ Lessons Learned

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.”
– Henry David Thoreau ~

Writing #4

Me in the Middle of Writing ~ Why Do I Write?

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Writing #9

 Me in the Middle of Standing on My Own ~ A Few Poems I Wrote

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Whenever I attempted to write poetry, it was usually at a more challenging time in my life.  When I was sorting through life’s paradoxes and finding my way through the complexities and seeking answers.  When I wasn’t able to find the words to express what was going on inside, writing poetry helped to define that struggle.


Writing #5


Writing has been a path to my middle ground.  It’s there at the center of my thoughts that I’m able to find that thread of continuity of my own self.  It surprises me when, after procrastinating on getting started, I find a joy and freedom that begins to awaken and I wonder why I waited to begin.  It’s an awakening that points to the whole ‘me’.




The 2016 A to Z Challenge #atozchallenge@aprila2z  is 26 Days in April (No Sundays) of blogging using each letter of the alphabet as a prompt for each blog.  My theme for this Challenge is My Life is a Masterpiece ~ Lessons Learned  

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* Note:  My letter sketches were made from ideas I found on Google Images. *

29 thoughts on “Me in the Middle of #atozchallenge ~Letter W

  1. Lovely, Mary Lou. I know what you mean about poetry. I have written it in more challenging times in my life. I have kept a journal, though for about 40 of my 62 years. It just feels important. Taking pictures is like that for me too. It just puts me in a deep place. Thank you for this.

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    • I used to have pieces of paper all over and notes all over. Now, it’s flowing easier. Could be because I have more time now. 🙂


  2. More Thoreau quotes, please! I think he had it right. I’m envious that writing poetry helps you find your way through life’s issues. I would be stonewalled by the form, forcing my thoughts into a set pattern.

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    • I wrote poetry more in free-form style, not traditional style poetry. It’s a good way to get feelings out on paper than trying to write something in detail. Glad you liked the Thoreau quote. I’ve stood up to live so now I write! 🙂


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