Me In The Middle of Surviving #atozchallenge


ABC Song In Outer Space


Right now I’m going through AtoZ withdrawal symptoms!  April was a month of non-stop blogging and commenting even though I had pre-scheduled most of my alphabet posts.  I was seeing  alphabet letters in my sleep and would wake up early in the morning to make sure my day’s post was delivered as scheduled.  The many blogger friends that I’d meet each morning became my little blogging community as we encouraged each other and praised each other for the amazing ideas picked for themes.

Well done!  We have survived!!


Keep a look out for my A to Z Reflection!


Hat’s off to Arlee Bird and his Ambassadors!!



Here’s my Daily Posts from A to Z (Scroll Down to the Beginning)



See You Next Year 2017


8 thoughts on “Me In The Middle of Surviving #atozchallenge

  1. I have been away from blogging for most of March so have missed much of this challenge. I have flicked back and had a look at these and congratulate you on an awesomely successful 26 days! many of these ideas resonate with me and inspire me. Thanks 🙂

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