Me in the Middle of the Joy of Blogging

The Joys of Blogging

Blog #2

It’s been eight months now since I signed up with WordPress and started on my adventure in blogging.  I remember checking my settings to make sure it was set at ‘private‘.  I had no idea where I was going with this. ……. And now?!  Now I’m enjoying the blogging friendships of people all over the world!  I’m learning about other parts of the world and their customs.  I’m inspired by the stories of those who had the courage to reach out and share their ‘profiles in courage’.  I’m reading fiction/non-fiction of awesome writers who are on their journey to publish their books.  Blogging is inspiring and empowering in so many ways.    

The event that’s really got me hooked on blogging is the AtoZ Blog Challenge that just came to a conclusion this past April.  I had a theme for my challenge which made it possible for me to get focused and to document some thoughts I wanted to share with my children and grandchildren.  I just can’t praise the AtoZ Challenge Team enough for its organization, its professionalism, its creativity and its community spirit.  

Recently I came across this service Blog2Print which allows you to print your blog into book form.  The idea of putting My AtoZ Challenge into book form  was something I’d thought about so I took a look at it.  I’m so pleased with the results and now will have a hard cover copy.  The videos and the links I’d included in my blog posts on AtoZ weren’t able to be printed.  It’s still a treasure for me to have.

Take a look at a few sample pages!

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Take a look at 15 Reasons I Think You Should Blog!  Joshua Becker hit the nail on the head with each of these reasons.  If you haven’t started yet, my recommendation is to go with WordPress.  I’ve enjoyed this whole experience even more because of the great team at WordPress.  

Joshua Becker’s website Becoming Minimalist


What is a Blog?

27 thoughts on “Me in the Middle of the Joy of Blogging

  1. Isn’t blogging amazing Mary Lou? I started out with no idea what I was doing – no research and no profile pic or name. I was so scared of the whole Big Brother thing of the internet – now I don’t care, I love the friends I’ve made, the chance to clear my head and articulate my thoughts – the list could go on forever!

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    • That’s just how I felt, Leanne! “Big Brother Thing of the Internet” ~ that’s a great way to describe it. The internet is a powerful way to draw good people together for a positive and transforming result. 🙂


    • Thank you Fran! I’m exploring possibilities on that. There are several options I see so far. I want to take your A to Z Road Trip on your blog. Thanks for connecting! 🙂


  2. I also began blogging in Oct -Nov last year and I am having a blast. It’s so much fun! And I loved your AtoZ posts as well. Great to see your letterrings in print – congratulations.

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  3. Thank you, Mary Lou!
    The AtoZ Challenge was one wild and amazing ride! By the end I thought keeping up with regular posts would be easier than before, but I find myself totally blocked…! How fascinating… ;P
    Thank you for the Blog2Print link–I was looking for a way to print the posts from the challenge, as I feel quite proud that I completed it!
    I look forward to reading more of your work. Your ‘about’ page is so inviting and comforting!
    Best wishes!

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  4. Your book is cool. I’ve heard of that service, but have never seen the finished product. I’m off the read the reasons why I should blog. After all these years I have my own mental list, but I’m interested in reading what someone else has to say.

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    • I needed some of Joshua Becker’s inspiration, Ally! After the experience of AtoZ, it’s been slow getting going again. I hope you got something out of his post too! 🙂

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