Me in the Middle Thinking of Sydney

“Live, Love, Laugh”

While stopping by a local farmers market I happened to notice a shaded area up the road in a quiet grove with a single bench.  Something prompted me to take a minute and sit down to overlook the nice view of the Virginia skyline.  There was a mild breeze in the air that was a pleasant relief from the hot, humid weather we’d been having.  I found myself meditating and settling into the moment of peaceful escape.

When I got up to leave I noticed  a sign in the shape of a heart stuck in garden behind the bench.   ~”Sit and Share a Smile in Loving Memory of Sydney Aichs”~

I had heard the name before and remembered that the high school student had been tragically killed when a tractor trailer ran a red light and slammed into her car as she was pulling out onto the main roadway on her way to school.


♥ ♥ ♥

I found it such a peaceful spot to just sit and look out over the soccer field where Sydney played soccer when in middle school.  I thought of what a loving family and community she had to create this memorial place for her.  What a wonderful way to keep her memory alive!  Here I was, a person who had never met her, thinking about her and how her life was cut short and all her dreams would never be realized.

Now, whenever I’m in that area, I stop by to just be with her spirit and experience the calm and peace that comes from being there.

Sydney lived by the motto “Live, Love, Laugh’.  

Something each one of us can do in her memory.


14 thoughts on “Me in the Middle Thinking of Sydney

    • I was wondering myself how many stop by. It’s such a beautiful idea. They have different fundraisers in her honor at the soccer field so I imagine quite a few.

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