Reblogging ~King for a Day!

The other day I was stopped at a red light while on my way home and noticed a man standing on the corner with a sign.  This is becoming more of an everyday experience and we all respond in whatever way we believe will help.  This time I watched as drivers, one after another, stopped in traffic to give this man money instead of hastily taking off once the light turned green.  Homelessness is getting worse and this just shouldn’t be.  The everyday good souls get this! It’s like we’re all invisible and not being heard.  ‘Interesting how we, the ordinary people can see it, but the politicians can’t’

Then I came home and read this great post by The Happy Quitter.  It would be so good if we could see more and more of the changes she would like to see.

Then one of my Facebook friends, my niece, posted a YouTube Video which was written, produced and filmed by her son and other young people in a summer program recently.  It can be done and it’s great to see young people looking for positive solutions that can bring about change.

Let’s Talk Trash 2016


Here’s The Happy Quitter’s post ~ KING FOR A DAY

I hope you’ll follow the link to her website


The happy Quitter!


Being an emperor or an empress for a day, think about all the wonderful things one could do -all the rules and regulation one could change. I would make radical changes, changes that might even anger a few. 

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5 thoughts on “Reblogging ~King for a Day!

  1. We all need to reach out and show kindness. I appreciate this lovely, sharing thought. I see Beth of losing or misplacing her glasses is on your great list of fellow bloggers. Bless you! Smiles, Robin

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      • Mary Lou, I just may warn you now, I will enjoy reading your blog but mainly can get to it on weekends. Nor quite as good at juggling my life’s activities and work.
        Beth’s blog is definitely a breath of fresh air. 🙂 Yours is a blessing and peaceful, too.

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