Me in the Middle Invites Guest Bloggers

My brother, John ~ Me in the Middle ~ My brother, Richard


 Submit a Micro-Memoir of less than 2,000 words

and other inspirational posts

Welcome to My Blog

You can learn more about my website by going to ‘About’.

My  blog on this website, Me in the Middle, is an Invitation to you to share a time in your life where you thought you’d never make it through and you did.  A witness of the strength that you never thought you had.  An Arrival to a place of enlightenment, contentment and gratitude.  A message of hope to others.  A sharing of your “Me in the Middle” story or a post that shares a message that inspired you along the way to wholeness. (Submit through ‘Contact’)

“These folks, it appears, found a way to use hardship, pain and loss creatively. They have made of their lives works of art, they have found ways to become themselves, to achieve wholeness.”   David Goff ~ Arrival (see article)

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