Me In The Middle of Blogging 101 ~ Being A Good Neighbor

A Reblog from last year for Veteran’s Day. Thank you for all who serve and have served.

Me In The Middle

My Uncle Jack ~ RIP My Uncle Jack ~ RIP

My Uncle Henry ~ RIP My Uncle Henry ~ RIP


“Those who serve in our military risk the greatest hazard, and often lay upon the altar of liberty the greatest sacrifice, in defense of our decisions as a self-governing citizenry. No expression of gratitude for their valor, then, is adequate, but the constant vigilance and effort of each citizen to ensure that our decisions, as a people, are informed, reasonable, and just.”

~ Thomas Jefferson ~


The assignment for Blogging 101 ~ Being A Good Neighbor ~ was to visit four of the blogs that I’m following and leave a comment about one of their posts.  Today, Veteran’s Day 2015, had some very meaningful expressions on respect and honor for those who have served in the military.  I chose four of these blogs that I visited and wanted to share them with you:

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