#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 15th/17 – Mercy

This week I’m stepping back to read more of the wonderful posts by other bloggers. I plan to take a Time Out from politics and Donald Trump’s Inauguration. Here’s one post that moved me enough to want to re-blog.



I guess it was anger that triggered it
Never knew the reason for tit for tat
The double assault with no mercy
There’s no way for us to flee

It was easy to say we were not the same types
People moan, grumble, groan and gripe
Fuelling the list of enemies or adversaries
Could we settle this and be friends?

Six days of never ending war
Smoke rising, wreckage charred
Where do we go from here?
Stop! I plead with a tear

mercy, mercy
I’m flawed
tired and weary of life’s struggles
I come to you for forgiveness
my Lord
have mercy
I plead

I’m nothing
without you
have mercy on me, my Lord
I’ve realised my mistakes, mercy, mercy
please do
what’s best
for me

forgive me
my sins
I promise to follow you, Lord
for without you, I am nothing
show me
the way
my Lord

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