Me in the Middle of One-Liner Wednesday (#1linerWeds)

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“Don’t waste your energy trying to change opinions … do your thing, and don’t care if they like it.” Tina Fey

The 2016 Election is one fine example of how we learn that when we go about trying to change folks’ opinions, the discourse can devolve into name calling, frustration and broken ties.  I came across Tina Fey’s little bit of advice during that time leading up to the election.  It put a smile on my face and a spring in my step.  🙂

Letting go of the need to change peoples’ opinions while still giving your opinion is very freeing.  Taking a stand on important things is important.  We need to do that.  Expecting someone to immediately be converted is another thing.

Say what you think when it feels right to share it.  Speak it from the heart of your convictions.  If others are to be open to change, it will give them food for thought.  If not, move on.  They’re not going to get it.  In the meantime, ‘do your thing and don’t care if they like it.’  😀


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 “Care about what other people think and you’ll always be their prisoner.”  Lao Tzu

10 thoughts on “Me in the Middle of One-Liner Wednesday (#1linerWeds)

  1. You and Tina are so right, it’s pointless to try and convince somebody who has made up their minds. Same goes for telling them to calm down. Not going to happen 😉
    Visiting from Coach Daddy’s six words challenge.


  2. Tiny Fey & Lao Tzu are talking sense. Reminds me of Oprah when she’d talk about how women with the disease to please need to admit it, and be true to themselves. I’ve never suffered from that disease, btw. 😉

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    • Lucky you, Ally! 😀 I still catch myself when I’m second guessing my good intuition and heartfelt convictions. ‘You can’t please everyone so you’ve got to please yourself’

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