Me in the Middle Pulling the Plug on Cable

cable-tvWell I finally did it!

I cut the cord on cable!


After procrastinating for what seems like years, I’ve switched to another company.  Keeping my fingers crossed……………….

The package deal I had was for landline phone, cable and internet.  I now have IPhone service and MiFi with the new company. …… For half the price!   Most of my time is on the internet for news, blogging and email.  My landline was getting more political and sales pitches so I never picked up when I saw the number on Caller ID. 


Cutting the Cord on Cable


We’ll see how it goes. 

Anyone else have experience with MiFi?  Has anyone else cut the cord on cable? 




Time to put my feet up and read some of those books I’ve been saving.  🙂


15 thoughts on “Me in the Middle Pulling the Plug on Cable

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  5. Never heard of MiFi. We have satellite, but my wife doesn’t want to get rid of it and I’ve started watching way more TV than I used to, much to the detriment of my doing other things like reading and writing.

    I’m getting an internet upgrade in a couple of weeks that is supposed to be better and faster and it will cost less. Not gonna argue with that–unless it doesn’t work as good as they claim it will. And it’s through the same company I have now. Lesser price? Sounds weird, but we’ll see.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    • This is all in the experimental stage, Lee. I’m learning about GB’s and data usage with my MiFi. Watching videos uses a LOT of data. I’m doing more reading now and getting outdoors more. 🙂


  6. Not sure that we have the same here in the UK, but we have just severed the cord with Sky! Paying through the nose for things we rarely watched. If we want to watch anything now, it will be payg. Saved us mucho! Blessings Joy

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  7. I toy with this idea, but never quite do it. We have the same plan as you had, and considering how difficult it was to get the system to work in this house I’m reluctantly to mess with it. However…

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  8. I guess I’m still in the dark ages. I didn’t know what mifi was and had to look it up. I learn something new everyday! Hope this works well for you. Our cable bill is considerably more than I’d like and this may be a future option.

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