Me in the Middle Revisiting the President (#FlashBack)

It’s FlashBack Friday ~ A time of the month where you can republish an old post of yours that maybe didn’t get enough attention, or that you’re really proud of, or you think is still relevant etc.  This Blog-Go-Round is hosted by Jemima Pett and originally introduced by Michael D’Agostino from A LIFE EXAMINED.  That’s where you’ll find the rest of the participants or to join up yourself.

The post I’ve chosen for this month first appeared on ME IN THE MIDDLE on November 10th, 2016.   On November 7th, 2016, shock and dismay registered across the country when we realized this man was going to be our president.  The whole campaign was a farce and I decided to send a protest message that neither candidate met my hopes for Leadership.  Shortly after Election Day I read Regie’s post and decided on a ‘wait and see’ approach.  Now, after three months of chaos and instability, I decided to re-visit both the president and Regie’s Blog.  The now infamous press conference has left us feeling more uncertain about the leadership qualities of the man sitting in the oval office.  Regie’s most recent observation can be found by clicking on this link ~ Full Court Press:

“If you watched (NOW) president Donald Trump’s recent press conference and got clammy hands and heart palpitations, fearing the free world is in jeopardy, I understand.”

“If you want to understand what’s happening between Donald J Trump, the press and the nation, it basically comes down to this: reasonable people have gotten tired of arguing with, and being treated like, 10-year-olds …so they elected one.

Have a nice four years of news.”


~ And now for my FlashBack post ~

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November 10, 2016

Thanks to Regie’s Blog ~ Well written! ~ the power of positive thinking ~ It’s all a crap shoot and we’ll all have to wait and see.  

“For the Hillary supporters …pull yourselves together. Please. Some of you are embarrassing yourselves. For the Trump supporters …some of you are too. A little grace and humility might be in order. You just elected Donald J Trump as your nation’s president …and he was once a part of Wrestle Mania.”
“I suppose it’s easy to call for everyone to accept the will of the people when you think your candidate is going to win.”

Regie’s Blog

In 2008, Oprah and Will Smith yelled and screamed and high-fived each other over how amazing the Obama presidency was going to be.

But then, we had a “beer summit” (that was odd). Then, a trillion dollar stimulus package …that turned into a deficit. Then a Tea Party. Then Occupy Wall Street. Then Ferguson, Baltimore, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Orlando, Chattanooga, Benghazi and Dallas. Then came Obamacare. And ISIS rose up in the middle east.

Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Merle Haggard and Steve Jobs ALL died during the Obama presidency. Peyton Manning retired. American Idol got cancelled. Tornadoes still ravaged trailer parks in the mid west and hurricanes still chewed up beaches. Several people got eaten by sharks. Brad and Angelina broke up. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian procreated. Smart phones blew up in people’s pockets. We had, like, six hundred Country Music award shows…

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6 thoughts on “Me in the Middle Revisiting the President (#FlashBack)

  1. As with anything, we all have perspective based on our perceptions, experiences, expectations and so on. I followed Trump’s campaign very closely and was pleased with what I was hearing along the way and perplexed at some of the absurd reactions, but of course much was based on biased liberal left reporting. If Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush had been the front runner and there had been no Trump, I think they too would have been viciously attacked along the way (did McCain or Romney get the adulation received by Obama or Clinton?).

    Trump was a showman filled with pomposity and brashness and that endeared him to many and fixated many others. He had decades behind him where there was an inkling that he would one day run for the presidency and likely win. The attacks on him prior to his actual announcement to run (like that Press dinner in 2011 I think it was where Obama ridiculed Trump which made me root for him to teach Obama a lesson) were all the more reason for me and many others to want him to run and win. When it happened it was like a big nose thumbing to those who scoffed.

    Those who don’t “get” Trump and the whole movement are going to be angry, disappointed or whatever because it’s like they’re not part of the joke and don’t understand the actual seriousness of Trump’s goals and what his followers want for this country. I think he’s been doing a great job so far, but that’s because of my perspective on the issue. But that’s typical for any leader’s term in office. I expected the worst from Obama and though not as bad as I thought it might have been, I still see his presidency as a bad one–that’s my perspective not shared by all.

    The now famed Trump press conference was great in my opinion. Some of the best TV that I’ve seen and the best presidential press conference ever. It certainly got folks talking. President Trump fulfilled my expectations in that press event and I’m look forward to some great things ahead. If he can overcome all of the negativity and forces fighting him, I think he will be the greatest president this country has known. If he screws up royally then I still think it will have been an experiment worth having tried and we’ll have to try something else. Already I think he’s done better than Obama or Bush, but that’s just my perspective. But at least for now perspective and opinions are something we all have and are entitled to, though what I’m hearing from the hard left scares me if they ever get the full reins of power.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    • Yup …… I agree that, with the climate that exists in journalism today, no matter who became the front runner whether Rep or Dem, the biased media whether left or right would viciously attack them. Obama took a trashing on the right biased side and Bush took a trashing on the left biased side. I don’t have the whole picture (do any of us?) so I’m still taking a ‘wait and see’ stance. Trump’s personality is definitely a new experience in the presidency and we all need to stay focused on his policies. I’m very concerned about a president who belittles and marginalizes all news sources as the ‘enemy of the people’ with the exception of his chosen few biased outlets, and who contributes to this unhealthy demonizing of the whole industry. Journalism definitely needs improvement and encouragement, especially in these rapidly changing times of how we get our information. . What I’m hearing from the hard right and the hard left scares me if they ever got full reins of power, Lee. That’s why, as messy as all this is, it’s what keeps American on course. 🙂


      • I’ve heard President Trump repeatedly say that he was not attacking all media, but only calling the questionable ones on the carpet–like primarily CNN. And he didn’t have to say anything about that outlet as this is what I see in their continual pontificating on what little they do report on Trump. CNN was great back in the days when their focus was on reporting the actual news from around the world (and they still are when that’s what they do), but somehow they’ve gotten so involved in their discussions and analysis. I feel a sense that a lot of negative propaganda comes from CNN and it’s obvious that they are primarily a spokes source for leftism, globalism, and the Democrat party. But again that’s my perspective.

        Arlee Bird
        Tossing It Out


        • I don’t know….. I remember Obama lamenting Fox News and now Trump laments CNN. I always felt that MSNBC and FOX were the left wing and the right wing of the same bird. CNN seemed to be in the middle of the two. I agree that the ‘opinion’ panels usually have a handful who lean in the direction of the news outlet with a token ‘opinion’ representing the opposition. I don’t think all globalism is bad anymore than I think all nationalism is bad.


  2. This writer is obviously a fair-minded individual. While I agree with what he said, it’s been over three months now and there seems little reason to be hopeful that the chaos generated by this President will subside anytime soon. The future is still scary and uncertain, for the entire world, not just America.

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    • I’m with you, Debbie! While I know the media needs much improvement, I trust most of them more than I do DT and the select few he endorses. We are indeed in scary and uncertain times. 😦


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