Me in the Middle of Ireland

A Guinness A Day Oct 1

Shamrock, Clover, Saint Patrick, Luck

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!


What finer day than Saint Patrick’s Day to recall the year that I came home to the land of my ancestors?   Other than ‘the wearing of the green’, I haven’t gotten into too much of the American Celebration of the Day.  I lived across the GW Bridge in NJ all my growing-up years and can’t recall ever going into the big parade in NYC!  I don’t remember ever drinking green beer!  I’ve enjoyed Irish Soda Bread and Corn Beef & Cabbage off and on.  Loved watching the Irish Dancers and even attempted to do the Irish Jig!  All these things helped me feel a part of the tribe …..  though nothing can compare to going Home to Ireland. 

Setting foot on Ireland’s soil touched me in such a deep, primal way that I truly felt I was coming home even though I’d never been there before!

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Photos include:  Cong farmland, Atlantic Ocean,  Cobh Port of Cork, Kennedy Park,  Rock of Cashel, Atlantic Ocean, Ha’Penny Bridge


Some watercolor sketches I did along the way.


“Above all else, deep in my soul, I’m a tough Irishwoman.”

~ Maureen O’Hara ~

Sláinte! ☘


Beautiful Music of Ireland

7 thoughts on “Me in the Middle of Ireland

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  2. I think the whole idea of wearing green and drinking on this day is a silly American thing. I really do hope to get to visit Ireland someday as my husband’s great-great-grandmother (he remembers from his childhood, though it may just be stories of her) came here with her fiery red hair and temper .

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    • I really felt connected to my great-grandparents while I was there, especially in Cobh on the Port of Cork where people emigrated from. I’ve been learning that many of our ‘traditions’ and ‘sayings’ here in America aren’t really traditions in Ireland.

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