Me in the Middle of the Catskill Game Farm

~ Catskill Game Farm~

The above link is the promotional video of the Game Farm in 1992 before it closed in 2006.  This follow-up video shows a fly-over view after it closed.  I love the background music ~ Forever Young ~ Click Here.



While my children were growing up, a road trip to the Catskill Game Farm became a well anticipated fun day.  I don’t recall if my siblings and I went there.  At least I don’t have any pictures capturing the memory.  Recent news is that there’s an effort to revive the Game Farm.

New owners of former Catskill Game Farm have big plans for property (See video below) and following that,Click Here ,  for Catskill Game Farm Slaughter ~ The controversy over whether the Game Farm should exist or not and what became of the animals when the farm closed.


Catskill Game Farm

Two of my grandchildren visit the Catskill Game Farm in the 90’s

For more on the history of the Catskill Game Farm click on here…..

6 thoughts on “Me in the Middle of the Catskill Game Farm

    • Another reason why we all, even the animals, benefit from those who are dedicated to looking out for their wellbeing, Raili. Sometimes things go overboard yet I remember disliking the traditional zoos very much and felt sorry for the animals And of course circuses are another thing. .

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  1. The flyover video was kind of mesmerizing. These days there is so much controversy about keeping animals in facilities like these or even zoos. If they continue down the road that a good many animal rights groups want, the only way that the children and the rest of us will ever be able to see animals is in nature films and picture books. In a way I think that’s sad though I agree that animals shouldn’t be mistreated either. I probably wouldn’t be likely to go to an animal park like this unless I was taking my grandkids so they could have the thrill of seeing live animals at fairly close range.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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