Me in the Middle of the Kindness Challenge 2017




Color Your World With Kindness

2017 Kindness Challenge Sign-up!

Sign-up is open for the 2nd annual Kindness Challenge! Click on the photo to be redirected to the sign-up page! Last year we had over 80 participate and focus on kindness for 7 weeks. The rules are minimal and simple-

  • You don’t have to be a blogger to join
  • One reflection post a week
  • Take it at your own pace

If you want to focus on increasing the kindness in your life and the world around you, I encourage you to join. You’ll get a prompt a week to focus on one topic to cultivate kindness along with practical exercises to incorporate it into your life.

Challenge start date- May 7th, 2017

Sign up.png
Please share this post with those in your circles. The more people we have focusing on kindness the better! I also encourage you to get a group together. Maybe a few coworkers, friends, family members, a mom’s group, fellow creatives, whoever you like!

To see last year’s challenge, clickhere to see an example of a challenge prompt post.

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