Me in the Middle of Week 5 Reflection ~ Choose Kindness ~

If you have to choose between being kind and being right choose being kind and you will always be right2


Week Five ~ Choosing Kindness

The fifth prompt for the Kindness Challenge 2017 is Choosing Kindness.


When I read the Week Five Prompt, I realized that Niki had chosen the same song that I had chosen for my Letter K for Kindness in the A to Z Challenge.  It’s a different video than the one I chose so I decided to use mine again in this post.

You can see my Letter K for Kindness here.

Sometimes when making a commitment to choose kindness, especially during these tense political times, we can be perceived negatively.  Choosing kindness is seen as a cop out from joining the fray in both personal misunderstandings and political misunderstandings…….  Kindness and setting healthy boundaries can be seen as being weak or ‘passive-aggressive’ instead being seen as an attempt to show tact and diplomacy while standing up for your opinions.  I’ve decided not to be swayed from my choice not to join the fray and instead to choose kindness.   Others will choose to see you in a certain way no matter how you present yourself.  Choosing to be kind over needing to be right takes a self-acceptance and an ability to let go of control.  Choosing to be kind over needing to be right recognizes when there’s no longer an openness and respect for differing opinions.  Choosing kindness really requires a maturity and strength.


“Sometimes I lay under the moon and thank God I’m breathing ~

Then I pray don’t take me soon cause I’m here for a reason.”

Spread Kindness

“i want to be so kind it echoes backwards in time and undoes the things that hurt you.  i want to be so kind it radiates from me.  i want to be so kind that i make someone else find faith in humanity again.   There’s not much i can do,  i’m small and weak and i only know so many words. but i know i can be kind. and sometimes, i believe, that changes the world.”

~ inkskinned ~

15 thoughts on “Me in the Middle of Week 5 Reflection ~ Choose Kindness ~

  1. Yep, we don’t always have to agree but there is no reason to be argumentive. There are usually two or more sides or opinions to everything and often no one is right and no one is wrong. Kindness will show the way to harmony.

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    • Yes, somewhere in the middle we’ll find the answers. It will be a lot easier to find those answers if we can listen to each other without putting each other down and having to be right all the time. Thanks, Patricia! 🙂


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