Me in the Middle of Kindness Challenge Finale


Kindness is a Muscle

Over the past seven weeks of the Kindness Challenge 2017, my thoughts have turned to the power of kindness as the foundation for bringing change to our lives, our country and our world.  I’ve found that it’s true that Kindness is Contagious and that kindness grows stronger the more we focus on the goodness of people.  Kindness is a Muscle!

My Grand Finale Reflection on Kindness Challenge 2017 brought to mind each of the weekly prompts for the seven weeks.  The first three weeks were as important as the last four prompts.  Maybe even more important in that it helped us to realize that kindness towards ourselves through self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance help us to reach out to others with love, compassion and acceptance.



These are a few of the Kindness bloggers I met over the last seven weeks.  I chose the posts randomly based on the first one I came across that inspired me about each week’s prompt.  I decided to stick with Word Press Bloggers to narrow it down more.  Reading all of the participants reflections on kindness has inspired me even more to look for the many ways kindness moves through our lives:

Dramastically Imperfect ~ Self-Love Week One

Julia ~ Self-Compassion Week Two

This Mommy is Real ~ Self-Acceptance Week Three

Positively Appealing ~ Kindness Role Models Week Four

Lulu ~ Choosing Kindness Week Five

Me Revealed ~ Kindness Without Expectation Week Six

Wanda ~ Grateful for Kindness Week Seven

Kindness Challenge Participant

Click here for all of my Kindness Challenge Reflections


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