Me in the Middle of

Christmas Roses #2



My Shop is now open!!  

My ETSY experience has been very similar to my WordPress experience ~ Plunge right in and ask questions later!  I guess that’s the way I learn.  Instead of reading up on everything and then beginning, I like to learn as I go along.  Similar to life, I guess.

After I received the first request to buy one of my sketch prints, I was determined to give all this a try.  It’s really fun and interesting.  Visiting the local printer and learning all about proofs and costs started me thinking about gifts for the family and possibly selling more.  I became more inspired the more I experienced and now I have a shop on  Please click on the link and take a look!  🙂


Sketches by Mary Lou

*protected by copyright*

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    Labor Day Weekend is behind us and thoughts turn to the Holidays! I’ve had a lot of fun setting up my shop on ETSY! There’s a Package of Six Christmas/Holiday Greeting Cards. For anyone who loves Ireland, you’ll find 8 x 10 reproduction prints and note cards as well. Shipping is Free within the US.

    I hope you’ll visit, mark as your favorite and share with friends and family!

    Thank You!!


  3. This to me is the ideal way to learn – jump straight in. This is how I’m learning with my blog too – aged 51 lol! I wish I’d known then what I know now before I started it, but if I’d waited to find it all out I would still be waiting to start! I’m popping over to your Etsy shop now…your paintings are lush! 🙂

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