Weekend Coffee Share: Charlottesville

It’s good to know that good is conquering evil through so many speaking up.

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Weekend Coffee ShareIf we were having coffee I’d want to tell you that I knew something bad was going to happen in Charlottesville this past weekend.

And I’m not referring to the usual vandalism and looting that often go along with protests and demonstrations.

The Friday night images of the “Unite the Right” demonstrators wielding torches evoked a distant memory. As they marched across the darkened UVA campus I was reminded of a scene from the 1931 movie Frankenstein.

Scene from Frankenstein movie (1931)-townspeople with torchesThe townspeople in that story were on a mission to destroy a creature that they feared.

He had a kind and gentle nature but was “different” in appearance and behavior.

Based on these differences they made incorrect assumptions and treated him with hatred. Intimidated by his extremely large size and peculiar looks they labeled him a monster.

Eventually, he too became violent due to the hostility and maltreatment they had shown him. 

Without ever attempting to communicate…

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Charlottesville

  1. Thanks for the reblog Mary Lou! It’s too easy to get drawn into the anger surrounding these events. Writing helps me get things into perspective and hopefully initiates conversations based more on facts than feelings. There will always be people whose minds we can’t change. But, there are some we can and will reach, so we must keep trying!

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    • You’re welcome, Lulu! I write to strengthen my own convictions and to connect with others who support them. I’ve given up on trying to change anyone else’s opinion. This last election showed us the futility of that.

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