Me in the Middle of Purging Old Emails




Recently, I began to tackle going through about 500 old emails.  It was a long time coming and a task I put off as ‘boring’.

I set out to put them in categories ~ letting go of people, places, experiences and events that have moved into the past;  treasured photos/conversations worth keeping; and emails that inspire great blogging/writing materials.  It spanned over the last three years!

Deletes upon arrival are chain emails that, once scanned over, rarely hold my interest.  Most political campaign emails receive the same fate.  I’ve been overwhelmed by them.  I once received the advice that you can usually get the gist of what’s in a political email by scanning the first paragraph.  It’s true!

Interesting stuff that fell into the ‘great blogging and writing materials’ were abundant:

 A few years back I took a leap and signed up for  My online adventures proved to be a positive trip overall.  I met a number of nice men and had nice encounters with them.  A few are still friends.  A few were bizarre!  We’re all up in the 70’s-80’s age group and have a revised set of needs compared to the younger groups.  I’m no longer a paying member yet still get emails from Match offering me deals to come back.  Even though I’ve removed my photo and personal profile, I’m still getting emails that say “You’ve been checked out 3 times!” “He emailed you!”  “You have six unread emails!”  Oops, I just got another one ~ “Flash Sale* 60% Off Just For You!”  Revisiting the old emails from contacts on Match was fun!  (Don’t worry, gentlemen, your privacy is secure!  ❤ 🙂 )  Lots of good insights were gained for possible sharing through blogging.

Another set of emails to be saved for blogging are the Enneagram Types.  We each fall into all personality types to a lesser or greater degree.  It was fun exploring this through Richard Rohr’s series on the topic.  I’d like to explore it further if time allows.

And then there’s the emails on art classes and writing classes in the area.  I’ve signed up for a ‘Memories to Memoir’ course to help me jog my memory for great childhood experiences to share with my grandchildren.

So there it is …………… a bit about my tackling and purging emails from my Gmail account.  If you haven’t guessed already, I’ve reached a point of not knowing what to blog about this week.  The summer’s coming to an end and I’m preparing for a Fall and Winter of indoor activities.  Happy Blogging my friends!

Email #2

Oh No!!!  They’re Back!!!!



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