Me in the Middle of Fabulous February

Feb Grid

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Fabulous February

I’m kind of glad that February’s been anointed the ‘Heart’ month.  I’ve come full circle on this appreciation and not just because it’s my birthday month.  February’s cool!! ❤

When I look back on the traditions I grew up with during this month, I recall the idealism that it inspired and not so much the realities I’ve learned along the way through life.  Valentine’s Day gets mixed reviews in my mind and heart.  I’m idealistic enough that I like to give and receive gifts that come from the heart rather than under the pressure of media ads and societal urgings.  The Valentine’s Days that most touched my heart were ….. the time when my Dad walked through the front door, dressed in his business suit from work, carrying a ceramic piggy bank with chocolate-heart lollipops sticking out of the coin slot…….. and the times when my little boys each handed me their very first hand-made Valentine’s card for mommy …… that day when a sweetheart awkwardly treated me to an ice cream sundae and a heart-shaped box of candy …. and the beautiful red roses I received when my marriage was brimming with possibilities and hope.  All those were good and touched my heart!   

And then there were the Valentine’s Days that were painful reminders of love lost and feeling left out of the romance and tender feelings of the celebration of the day.  The times when I grew cynical and saw only the shallowness and manipulation behind the holiday from the viewpoint of a disillusioned and broken heart.

Now, I’m thankful for Valentine’s Day!  It brightens up this time of year when some of us are feeling cabin fever  ….. and craving warmth and sunshine.  Ground Hog Day, President’s Day, My Birthday and Valentine’s Day all remind me of the promise of Spring.  Another chance to be re-born in so many ways and to renew our hope for the future ahead of us.

The calendar-grid sketch I drew at the top of this post was a part of an online workshop ~ Draw Your Awesome Year ~ that I took in 2014 with Joanne Sharpe.   I was recovering from surgery and determined to be back in shape and be fully recovered by Springtime.  Sketching was exactly what I needed to bring to my mind all the things that I mentioned above.  It was the perfect storm for re-visioning my attitude and embracing a renewed appreciation of the Season of Hearts.  

(Check out Joanne Sharpe’s YouTube Video!.  You might just want to give one of her workshops a try!)

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“If your only goal is to Love, there’s no such thing as failure.”

Richard Rohr


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