Me in the Middle of ‘Be That Love’

~ Be That Love ~

This year’s Valentine’s Day had us all thinking about love ~ all ways of loving ~ the ups and downs of loving ~ the highs and lows of loving ~ the shallowness and depths of loving.

And then it happened  …. Into our reality and consciousness collided the very antithesis of love.  Seventeen lives were gone in a flash and  we were, once more, confronted with the darkness and destruction of evil that lives side by side with the light and creativity of Love.  Be that Love …..  Choose Life … Choose Love.

********************” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Be That Love ~ Zach and Lexi Read


After the usual shock and outrage – the debates on what the answer is – the finger pointing of blame – things will settle down.  Some will remain unmoved from their entrenched positions on both sides. Some will begin to move closer towards finding solutions outside of politics.    Some will recognize that the answer lies in working together on all sides to intervene and make the chances of ‘the next one’ less likely.

And then there are those who become advocates for the human condition as it exists with their tireless dedication and commitment to making this a better world one step at a time.  Be that Love.

  There are no easy answers.  (And when you mix all that is the human condition with easy access to guns you’re creating a time bomb.)  

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Sandy Hook Promise





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