Me In The Middle of Letting Go

(c) Mary Lou Quinn

(c) Mary Lou Q

Letting Go ~ sounds like it would be so easy ~ like the girl in my sketch ~ gently tossing the birds up into the air ~ and now she’s free!

It seems as if I’ve been going through this letting go process over and over again.  Those PTSD moments” come intruding back into my life, with thoughts of long ago.  The intense feelings and emotions are back like it was just yesterday.  Maybe the birds in my sketch are those feelings and emotions!  Maybe the only way through is to gently release them into the air and let them go free.

It was this poem about Letting Go, written by a friend of mine, that inspired my sketch. It spoke to me of the process, throughout our lives, that we’ll go through when traumatic events come into our lives and knock us off our course. Sometimes these events don’t want to let go of us no matter how strong and positive we strive to be. That’s when we need to gently take a look at them, acknowledge those feelings and emotions, and then gently let them go.


Letting go ~
Is a place.
Is a time.
Is a space.

Letting go ~
Sometimes a pain.
Sometimes numbness.
Sometimes gain.

Letting go ~
of the memories that are bad,
Of the arguments we had,
Of times that were sad.

I let go
Of those things,
Of those times,
Of the zings.

Instead, I choose
Not ever to lose,
And I will retain
Things where we gain.

Smiles and laughter,
Creation and elation,
Security and maturity,
As we make a nation.

Letting go
Isn’t easy;
And … yet… we know
It’s the path to take,
From the learning,
We grow.

So let go …
Of what fails thee;
Focus on
What enthralls thee.

There is a beginning
To each end ….
Letting go —-
Can be your best friend.

Arthur Rashap


4 thoughts on “Me In The Middle of Letting Go

  1. Letting go has been a huge lesson for me over the last few years Mary Lou – everything we hold on to too tightly ends up hurting us. There is so much freedom in releasing people and expectations and joyfully accepting what chooses to stay or to return.

    BTW: are you doing the AtoZ this year? I’ve started my posts to get on top of things so I don’t drown in April – it’d be great to see you there if you’re signing on xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well said, Leanne! Good for you on taking on AtoZ again this year! I’m thinking of recycling my AtoZ 2016 for a series of posts through the summer. Just not using the AtoZ logo.


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