Me in the Middle of Facebook



Facebook “likes” can tell a lot about a person. Maybe even enough to fuel a voter-manipulation effort like the one a Trump-affiliated data-mining firm stands accused of – and which Facebook may have enabled.

The social network is under fire after The New York Times and The Guardian newspaper reported that former Trump campaign consultant Cambridge Analytica used data, including user likes, inappropriately obtained from roughly 50 million Facebook users to try to influence elections.” ~ Associated Press


I’m hanging in there with Facebook.  It’s the only social media that I consistently use and that I believe provides the best connection to a lot of information.  Bottom line, the user has a choice in what they read and what they believe.  It falls on us to be responsible enough to do our research to the best that’s available to us.   What more can we do?

Below are a few of the articles I read so that I could remain informed about how all this is developing.  I’ll give Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg the benefit of the doubt in that what had started out as a fun adventure with Facebook friends has become much more than any of us ever could have imagined.  I’m hoping they prove me right by adapting with integrity to every new development along the way.





Facebook is not the problem. Lax Privacy Rules are.



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4 thoughts on “Me in the Middle of Facebook

  1. I have a personal page for family and friends and as an expat living in Italy it is a great way of keeping in touch with people. There is a lot to be said for checking privacy settings and not joining in with those competitions that go around regularly (you know, what sort of unicorn would you be where you have to answer lots of questions). I also have an art fan page and Facebook is a wonderful way to connect with my clients and building an audience for my work. So I won’t be leaving Facebook anytime soon.

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  2. I left FB years ago. Deleted my account long before all the algorithm manipulations began. I never trusted that social media, but will support you to the end in your decision to remain there. If it works for you, then use it with a wary eye. Be safe.

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    • It’s wonderful for the connection it offers to family and friends for sharing. I also use it for Art Journaling Workshops. I’ve been wary all along and carefully setting my privacy protections. The internet is an exciting and unknown development that’s connected us all in both positive and negative ways, Ally.

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