Me in the Middle of Free Online Art Classes

Strathmore has an Online Workshop Series!  And it’s FREE!!  

Strathmore Online Workshop Series

Being on a tight, retirement budget, there’s not much funds for expensive art classes.  These classes work just fine for me!  Each week the instructor puts up a video on the Strathmore website and from there on you’re free to join in at your convenience.  If you want, you can post your work of art in the Gallery and receive encouragement/suggestions from both the instructor and/or other artists in the workshop.   We just finished up Workshop 1 and I’ve posted all four videos along with my efforts below.  It’s fun! 


Workshop 1 Week 1~ Spring Landscape in Watercolor

Strathmore Tree with masking fluid

Image by MaryLouQ

Week 1


Workshop 1 Week 2~Bubble Gun Still Life

Images by MaryLouQ

Week 2


Workshop 1 Week 3~Practicing Facial Features


Strathmore Facial Features

Images by MaryLouQ

Week 3


Workshop 1 Week 4~Limited-Palette Portrait


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Images by MaryLouQ

Week 4


4 thoughts on “Me in the Middle of Free Online Art Classes

  1. You’re doing really well – I’m not arty at all, but I’m thinking about doing some online drawing type things to see if I can develop some skills. I feel like I need to stretch myself a little bit and there’s some interesting free stuff online – I just have to get through the AtoZ Challenge first!

    Leanne |
    M for Make It Happen


    • I’m surprising myself, Leanne! Never had the time to really try when I was raising my family and all. This particular instructor was really great for beginners. She has YouTube classes that I think are free also. 🙂


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