Me in the Middle Pulling the Plug on Cable ~ Update

cable-tvWell I finally did it!

I cut the cord on cable!

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After procrastinating for what seems like years, I’ve switched to another company.  Keeping my fingers crossed……………….

The package deal I had was for landline phone, cable and internet.  I now have IPhone service and MiFi with the new company. …… For half the price!   Most of my time is on the internet for news, blogging and email.  My landline was getting more political and sales pitches so I never picked up when I saw the number on Caller ID. 


Cutting the Cord on Cable


We’ll see how it goes. 

Anyone else have experience with MiFi?  Has anyone else cut the cord on cable? 




Time to put my feet up and read some of those books I’ve been saving.  🙂


Update a Year Later

So far I’m still convinced the benefits outweigh the inconveniences of switching from package deal (landline, cable and internet).  I don’t miss cable at all!  Most of my time is spent on the computer with very little TV time.  A friend of mine just happened to have a spare TV antenna and he set it up for me so I could receive the basic public channels.  Now I can watch ABC, CBS, NBC which is plenty for me.  🙂

I’m learning more about my Samsung phone and don’t miss the landline.  

The Mifi Jetpack service runs slow at times yet it’s still OK for my internet use.  There’s no interference at all when it comes to blogging, streaming movies through Amazon Prime and watching YouTube videos.

So, basically, I’ve cut my previous cost of phone/internet/TV in half and that feels good.

5 thoughts on “Me in the Middle Pulling the Plug on Cable ~ Update

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  2. I don’t have pay TV (I guess that’s the equivalent of cable here in Australia??) We have a package that is internet, landline and mobile – I think our landline may eventually go the way of all good things, but it costs nothing to keep it and caller ID stops me answering the sales people. We have free TV but I rarely watch it – I use catch up TV on my laptop if there’s something I want to watch. Glad your change over is suiting you.

    Leanne |
    S for Stop Procrastinating

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    • I used to pay for my cell phone separately. Now internet and cell phone are on the same bill. Off and on I watch ABC, CBS or NBC on the TV. Most of the time I’m on the internet. So this works for me. 🙂

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