Me in the Middle of the World of Walking Part 2


Pedestrian Walking #2

Image from Pixabay

This is my second post on a course I’m taking.  Walking has been my exercise of choice whether at the fitness center, traveling, or walking around the neighborhood where I live.

When OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) with the University of Virginia offered the Fall Course ~ The World of Walking ~, I was totally on-board.  What could this instructor, Dan Kulund, possibly introduce us to about ‘Walking’ that would fill up a six-week, hour and half weekly class on The World of Walking.  My first post on The World of Walking covered some of the styles of walking and tips on good walking form.  This second post covers some of the interesting history of City Walking and how things have changed.  Dr. Kulund, a retired orthopedist, is an expert at walking and its health benefits.  The class is educational in both the slide presentations of the history of walking plus the experience of walking in a group and learning exercises and techniques along the way.


I’ve always wondered why they called it JAYWALKING, haven’t you?


There was a time when folks in the city would walk all over and being a pedestrian was the most common form of getting around besides the horse and buggy.  Trolley cars came on the scene and traveled 10 miles per hour so it was easy for pedestrians to safely coexist on city streets with street cars traveling along on their tracks.  There were no curbs, no sidewalks ……… just trolley cars and walkers. 

Along came the automobile in the 1930’s and with it the ever increasing speed of transit.  Over the years it’s become a safety issue for pedestrians to find safe places to walk.  As speed limits changed by law it was found that deaths of pedestrians did also ~ @ 20 MPH 1 out of 10 deaths, @30 MPH 5 out of 10 deaths and @ 30 MPH 9 out of 10 deaths.  Sidewalks and curbs were included as safety measures to protect walkers.

Trolley Car Conspiracy


Now there’s a movement to return to lower speed limits and pedestrian-only roadways.

Travel By Foot: Walkable Cities Around The World




17 thoughts on “Me in the Middle of the World of Walking Part 2

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    • It’s so great to see more cities and communities reviving the pedestrian lifestyle Natalie! I’d love to travel to one of those cities that encourage walking. 🙂


  2. It made me think of the days when cars were first introduced and someone had to walk in front of them waving a flag ot warn pedestrians – things have certainly changed! #MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s amazing how things have changed in such a short time! Especially when it comes to speed! Thanks for sharing on SM Leanne and thanks for creating this challenge. 🙂


  3. I love walking and have completed 10 half marathons which I started in my 50’s. What I do enjoy now is exploring by foot. Your photo of Istanbul made me smile as it is a challenging city to walk around especially in cold weather. Years ago most people would be focussed more on walking to work than for leisure? Your group sounds a positive experience.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Walking is my preferred exercise as well. Thank you for sharing this information from your course.
    I had no idea where the word “Jay Walking” had come from. If having to guess, I would have been completely wrong.
    Sounds like a fascinating course!

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