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Social Media is becoming a real threat to choosing kindness.  Unless you choose wisely we can find ourselves drawn into the nasty ugly side of social media.  I’ve done a pretty good job of steering clear of hot-button issues that draw out the mean-spirited ugly side of human nature.  Just recently I had a lapse of common sense and decided to weigh in on a viral video.  I was immediately reminded of all the reasons why it’s best to choose kindness when it comes to social media.  Next time I see Facebook friends jumping on the bandwagon of a viral video I’ll choose kindness and scroll on by. 

” “I mean, in hindsight, I wish we could’ve walked away and avoided the whole thing,” ..

(Covington Catholic High School Student)  

Best video I’ve seen on this.


Sometimes when making a commitment to choose kindness, especially during these tense political times, we can be perceived negatively.  Choosing kindness is seen as a cop out from joining the fray in both personal misunderstandings and political misunderstandings…….  Kindness and setting healthy boundaries can be seen as being weak or ‘passive-aggressive’ instead being seen as an attempt to show tact and diplomacy while standing up for your opinions.  I’ve decided not to be swayed from my choice not to join the fray and instead to choose kindness.   Others will choose to see you in a certain way no matter how you present yourself.  Choosing to be kind over needing to be right takes a self-acceptance and an ability to let go of control.  Choosing to be kind over needing to be right recognizes when there’s no longer an openness and respect for differing opinions.  Choosing kindness really requires a maturity and strength.


“Sometimes I lay under the moon and thank God I’m breathing ~

Then I pray don’t take me soon cause I’m here for a reason.”

Spread Kindness ~ It’s not about win or lose

“i want to be so kind it echoes backwards in time and undoes the things that hurt you.  i want to be so kind it radiates from me.  i want to be so kind that i make someone else find faith in humanity again.   There’s not much i can do,  i’m small and weak and i only know so many words. but i know i can be kind. and sometimes, i believe, that changes the world.”

~ inkskinned ~

12 thoughts on “Me in the Middle ~ Choose Kindness

  1. I love your quotes and your message of kindness Mary Lou, it’s something that is missing in many aspects of life these days. I can’t believe some of the unkind comments I see on SM and wonder why people bother typing and posting such mean words. I hope kindness is making a resurgence, thanks for your lovely post. sharing for #mlstl

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  2. Social media can have such an impact can’t it Mary Lou? Whilst I look at the positives of keeping in touch with family and friends on FB. There is also the side of SM where people get caught up with jealousy because they think others have such a great life because of their SM posts. Kindness is something we can never have enough of and unfortunately the world is showing less kindness each day as it becomes more about ‘Me’ society. Thank you for sharing on #MLSTL and have a beautiful week.

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  3. Thanks for the reminder to choose kindness. It’s something I do need to be reminded of…even in everyday life (not just social media) I can often get caught up in judgment and critique. Visiting from #MLSL

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  4. Mary Lou you are so right – I think choosing kindness and a little restraint is a much healthier way of dealing with social media in particular, and life in general – a lot less people get wounded that way!
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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