Me in the Middle of Thinking SPRING!

Spring at MonticelloWatercolor and Ink pen sketch of a view at Monticello ~ Home of Thomas Jefferson

(c)  Mary Lou Q

I have been in the enjoiment of our delicious spring. the soft genial temperature of the season, just above the want of fire, enlivened by the reanimation of birds, flowers, the fields, forests & gardens, has been truly delightful & continues to be so … indeed my experience of the different parts of America convinces me that these mountains are the Eden of the US. for soil, climate, navigation & health.”  (Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Volney)


Thinking about Spring starts me planning my next visit to Monticello, the Home of Thomas Jefferson.  Everything comes alive on the Mountaintop and seems to say that , just like Spring is a sign of Hope and New Life, so is Monticello a sign of Hope and New Life for our country.  Thomas Jefferson was a complex man and my favorite president.  Everyone seems to claim him for their political agenda yet he doesn’t quite fit the mold of labels.  He thought freely and with vision, and because of him and those who set our country on this great adventure we’ve continued to endure.  Monticello is a reminder of this for me.




One Spring I took a sketching class on the grounds of Monticello.  We gathered in the Pavilion in the Garden.  Each of us chose a clipping of one of the plants on the mountaintop.




Jefferson's Obelisk Grave Marker

“Here was buried Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom & Father of the University of Virginia.”


Part of my trek to Monticello includes their wonderful trail that runs up and down the Thomas Jefferson Parkway.  My favorite times are Spring and Fall.  If you are ambitious you can walk all the way up to the Visitor’s Center and stop at the cafe and visit the gift shop.  The entire walk is about 5 1/2 miles.  The staff at Monticello maintains the trail so that the whole experience is wonderful.




here is a debt of service due from every man to his country, proportioned to the bounties which nature & fortune have measured to him.”  (Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Edward Rutledge)

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