#AtoZChallenge ~ April World Holidays ~ Letter K


Letter K

Image by Mary Lou

April World Holidays

Kings Day

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Image from Pixabay

“Take it from us: If you like parties, make sure your visit to Amsterdam coincides with Saturday, April 27, 2019.”

“King’s Day — Formerly Queen’s Day1 — is the annual Dutch national holiday in honor of King Willem-Alexander.”

“King’s Day is not marketed outside the Netherlands, but many folks from abroad have discovered this nationwide party anyway. Many now come year after year, vying with the Dutch for hotel rooms. Book as early as possible!”

Kings Day Amsterdam




This past November 2018 I took part in the Nibvember 2018 Challenge.  Day 27 prompt was Lettering and I came up with the design below.  It’s easy to see where my inspiration came from as I’d participated in the A to Z Challenge in 2016. So, feeling the call to try once again for A To Z Challenge 2019, I decided to sign up for this years using this design as my inspiration.

day 27 lettering

(c) Image by Mary Lou


My theme for 2019 A to Z Challenge is:

  April World Holidays from A to Z


A to Z Challenge 2019


13 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge ~ April World Holidays ~ Letter K

  1. I love seeing the photos of the Dutch Royals on King’s Day – they are so friendly and inclusive with the public. It seems like a really fun public holiday and one that actually values its royal connections.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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  2. As the video in your blogpost points out, we used to celebrate Queen’s day on the 30th of April. This was the date to celebrate our royal family during Queen Beatrix’ reign as well as during her mother’s reign. When our current King changed the date of this national celebration to his own birthday it took some getting used to.

    As a matter of fact, we have a bit of fun each year spotting visitors, who turn up in Amsterdam completely dressed in Orange on the wrong date. Dutch TV shows and newspapers always manage to find a handful of them roaming the streets, wondering when the party is going to start…

    Amsterdam has even started to organize parties especially for this group of disappointed visitors (and hopefully giving them an updated guide book).


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