Me in the Middle of Poms

  • ” Saw the previews but not the movie yet…previews were questionable!”
  •  “I would rather see a documentary about the older ladies who dance for an NBA team”
  •  “Meh… I don’t see how 60 going on 16 is funny.”
  •  “Not interested at all, but I bet my mom and her bestie will see it. I would go just to watch those two react.”
  •  “I think it looks hilarious…must be cause I’m same age as some of your moms! 😉😊 Fun GNO movie!”
  •  “Just saw the promo on TV. 🙃 I liked Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda and Cher’s movies in their day. Great role models! I don’t see how they show us classy aging women through trying to act and look like teeny boppers. Just my opinion. 🥳 And I’m a classy aging woman who likes to have fun! 💚”
  • “The preview has rubbed me the wrong way, but I am keeping an open mind. It may be that the preview was crafted by young marketing people who are totally out of touch with the audience for this film, while the film works well.”
  • “Why do older men get to be brilliant undercover people or astronauts, and older women are either getting sweaty over 50 Shades (Book Club) or trying to hang out with teenagers? It’s ridiculous.”
  • “With everything going on in the world today, it would be worth the laugh!”
  • ” It’s a lighthearted comedy. I’m looking forward to seeing it with my midlife girls!”
    ‘Poms’ brings on spirited moments, but lacks magic of a certain cheerleading…

    ‘Poms’ brings on spirited moments, but lacks magic of a certain cheerleading movie franchise

  • “Thinking about getting the “old” rally squad together to go watch”
  •  “I think the trailer was WONDERFUL! I can’t wait to see it! Looks like there are a lot of important messages in this movie!”
  • ” It looks like fun!”
  •  “Totally mixed. Not all older women want to exercise like that—I’m more into bedroom sports as it took over 60 years for all the things to get into the right places. 🙂”
  •  “Why make movies that make older women look silly?
  •  “I adore Diane Keaton. I think it’ll be a fun movie. Lots of chuckles and laughs. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. :)”
These are just a few of the comments that were made on a popular midlife Facebook Page. Just seeing the variety of opinions peaked my interest in going to see the movie for myself. The trailer was enough to confirm my thoughts that older women just don’t need to be trying to fit into impossible molds, and be dismissed and put down for developing more challenging talents.
When a friend of mine asked me to go see it with him I jumped at the chance to see if my critique was right. His interest in going was increased when I told him about the line in the trailer “I was hoping that you would be a man. There’s not enough erections around here as it is!”  😀


Yesterday I got to see the movie! We both got a kick out of some of the characters and some of the lines were down-right funny. In my own opinion, Diane Keaton’s character wasn’t the one who made the movie. The character who best represented a positive approach to aging was Sheryl played by Jacki Weaver. She best represented the message that the movie was attempting to bring to the audience. “We’re all so worried about what everyone is thinking. When, of course, what really matters is what we think of ourselves.” Her reminder to her friend that you were dying yesterday and you’ll be dying tomorrow so you might as well ‘dance’ is a reminder we all can hear over and over again. The movie falls flat in many places, at least for me, yet I liked the way these women rallied around each other when they were dismissed and put down for following their dream. I especially liked their strength when they stood up to any demeaning and abusive behavior aimed at women, both young and old.

All in all, I have to say I agree with the Rotten Tomatoes Rating of the movie. It was worth going to see purely for my own reflection on how I choose to go forward in my life as a classy, aging woman who likes to have fun.


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