Staying Home and Drawing Birds

Staying home during the Pandemic 2020 has me leaning heavily on the enjoyable past-times that I used to enjoy. Turning to them once again is taking my mind off what’s happening outside my window and all over the world. I’m finding it hard to focus on reading. The things I’m turning to and finding rewarding are writing and sketching/watercolor.

One past-time that I’m getting a lot of joy out of is bird watching! What would I do without the view from my window watching all the local birds coming into my feeder. Little did I know that a huge portion of the world population is doing the same thing!

So, wanting to focus on something that would take my mind off of COVID-19, I began to think about sketching birds and watercoloring them with my new set of Sakura Koi watercolors.

And along comes a Facebook Post about a cool webinar Audubon class ~ Drawing Birds ~ with John Muir Laws. If you’re on Facebook, you can find the first video on the Audubon California Facebook Page.

Stay tuned for Class two Drawings: Shore Birds and Waterfowl

Sketches (c) Mary Lou

Photos used from, and

For more information on the Audubon webinar please visit their website:

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