Pandemic 2020 ~ December

The Gift of Vaccine

Jeffrey Sherman

When I was a kid, they rolled out a vaccine for polio. We were given it at school on a sugar cube. I went home and my dad, who was working on Mary Poppins, asked how my day was. What I didn’t know was that Julie Andrews who was hired to play Mary had not really liked the song my dad and uncle had written -“Through the Eyes of Love” – and it was rejected. It was their favorite song for the movie. Walt asked the Sherman Brothers to come up with a new song that would be in line with Mary’s //Julie’s philosophy. Dad asked me how my day was and I told him about getting the polio vaccine at school. I was known for rejecting the booster shots at my doctors’ office and running away. He said, “ Didn’t it hurt?” I told him they put it on a sugar cube and you just ate it. He stared at me, then went to the phone and called my uncle Dick. They went back to the office and wrote -“A Spoonful of Sugar” (Helps the Medicine Go Down.”) It’s my little corner of film music history I suppose. Inadvertently. For anyone I know here on FB, trust the doctors. When the vaccine for Covid comes out, get it. We are all dependent on each other in this pandemic. Trust science and doctors and epidemiologists. We are a small world and we will beat this enemy if we listen to those who know. Be safe. Wear a mask. Be kind and thoughtful and considerate to your fellow man and woman. We will beat this. xo J


“I wasn’t nervous at all.” 90-year-old British grandma is the world’s first to receive Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID vaccine.

First COVID Vaccine In U.S. Goes To NYC Critical Care Nurse🇺🇸


I was one of the lucky 16 days of giveaway winners at my apartment complex! A wonderful Spa Kit to help me get through the next two cold, winter months.

Holiday Grab Bag 2020

It turned out to be a very nice Christmas this year. My son, Jeff, came down a few days before to take me out to lunch (a first for me since COVID-19 began) and we were the only ones in the cafe. Masks and social distancing were strictly enforced and yet it was still a pleasant experience. Jeff received his first vaccine provided for the healthcare providers.

I was able to talk on the phone with my other sons and know that they are all well. Each is fortunate to have jobs that keep them secure.

The long-term care facility where Pat lives provided a wonderful Christmas lunch that was delivered to his apartment. We’re both happy to have made it this far and to have had each other to lean on.


Lie of the Year (Yup! You guessed it!) The “award” this year goes to claims that deny, downplay or disinform about COVID-19:–FAVvGce2GHUxdZPHbLKwTKo

Quotes of the 2020:

“One day – It’s like a miracle – It will disappear!” Trump 2/27

“Wear a Mask!” Fauci 5/21

“The science should not stand in the way of this.” McEnany 7/16



My wishes to all of you, both near and far, for a safer and healthier New Year 2021.


Add your thoughts in comments below: American interest wanes in getting COVID-19 vaccine. Why?

5 thoughts on “Pandemic 2020 ~ December

  1. Lovely memory of Mary Poppins history. Such a shame we now know that sugar fuels disease lol. Oh the irony. Informed consent is my motto. One man’s meat is another man’s poison and all that. Blessings

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      • It all depends what you consider misinformation. It is not easy to realise that what we have been taught is actually based on poor or bad science imho. If people want to have something injected into them that has very little time spent on development and trials, then I am happy for them. But they need to understand that only having 10 months of trials could in no way give us any idea of what it might do to the body in say 5 oe 10 years time. I remember when I ws nursing a new drug coming out called Tamoxifen. It was meant to be a”life-time drug”. Then after many years they were discovering that those women who were taking it were more at risk of a certain type of cancer. What don’t we know yet about this new vaccine that will only come to light in years, not months. You cannot dispute that trials and studies have only been going on for less than a year? We have already heard many reports of anaphylaxis. Sorry if I pass on it.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Your’s is a healthy skepticism Joy. I agree that this administration, with Warp Speed, has wanted a quick fix for this without doing the advised preventive measures. It’s going to be a slow process in trying to get people vaccinated. Unfortunately, those in long-term care facilities, health care facilities etc. aren’t being given a choice. My son is a physician and has had the first dose (Pfizer) so I’m hoping for the best.


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