Me in the Middle of Order, Disorder and Reorder

Could this be what our Country, the USA, is going through?
“A sense of order is the easiest and most natural way to begin; it is a needed first “container.” But this structure is dangerous if we stay in its safe confines too long. It is small and self-serving. It doesn’t know the full picture, but it thinks it does. “Order” must be deconstructed by the trials and vagaries of life. We must go through a period of “disorder” to grow up.

Only in the final “reorder” stage can darkness and light coexist, can paradox be okay. We are finally at home in the only world that ever existed. This is true and contemplative knowing. Here death is a part of life, failure is a part of victory, and imperfection is included in perfection. Opposites collide and unite; everything belongs.”

Me In The Middle

I had a Cancer Scare!

…….. And I need to write about that this week.

It all began a little over two months ago …….. out of the blue …… when life was going smoothly and all was well.  I’ve very few medical problems aside from some inevitable aging issues passed down the line among family members.


And then …….. there it was.  A sign that something was wrong and things were about to change.  What was going on!?!

stock-photo-uterus-or-uterine-cancer-medical-concept-as-cancerous-cells-in-a-female-body-attacking-the-218163580Appointments were made and, one by one, tests began to return negative biopsies and hope started to settle in.  I was on the threshold of life where the outcome was uncertain ~ 75% chance of cancer in a woman my age.   Slowing down and getting myself prepared for any possibility was a process that took me deeper into the letting go of where I might be holding onto the…

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