Pandemic 2020-21 ~ June

Looks Like We Made It

I know Barry Manilow didn’t have COVID-19 or the Pandemic in mind when he wrote this song. It’s the first song that came to mind when I thought about writing my June post. All the social distancing and not being able to hug the ones we love. All the hand washing and mask wearing that will probably be a good idea to continue for some of us. Have we really made it?!!

And some of us didn’t make it! Some 600,000 plus deaths in the United States! So for some of us the Pandemic took its toll, in more ways than one. The losses are great and it looks like it will be a long recovery.

Then there’s the flurry of reports of the Delta variant, sounding ominously similarly to the surges of COVID-19 in the past. We continue to be on alert. It’s not over. Europe is having second thoughts about lifting lockdown restrictions as these more contagious variants are steadily increasing. This seems deja vu for how things progressed a year ago.

Who knows what the future holds? We each live our lives under the shadow of death no matter what age we are. This pandemic has shown us that. All the more reason to reflect on how we want to use our time in this post-pandemic re-entry. I wish that my beautiful, loving friend, Pat, was here to see us get to this point. Hope carried us through up to the point of both of us being fully vaccinated. And then death entered through the back door and took him away from me. I wish we were able to take that ride through the Shenandoah National Park along the Skyline Drive again.

“Life will end—indeed. And that realization should affect the decisions I make each day. But rather than causing me to throw in the towel and give up on life, this shadow of death will spark hope and resolve and passion to spend each remaining day of my life making the most of it.” Joshua Becker ~ Becoming Minimalist

I miss you Pat

8 thoughts on “Pandemic 2020-21 ~ June

  1. I wish you could take that drive again with him, too. I have been there a few times. It’s beautiful. I have not worn my mask at the grocery store for the last 2 weeks, and a friend and I ate in a restaurant a week ago. Now I think I need to go back to the mask because of the danger from the variant and from unvaccinated people. I’m reticent because freedom from the mask feels so good, but I prefer not to die. What do you think about masks at this point? To wear or not to wear? I’m fully vaccinated, too.


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    • It seems like just as I start feeling comfortable without the mask there’s another CDC report of the varient increasing here in the US. Also, they’re not clear on how long the two shots I had are effective. It’s going on 6 months for me. I think I’ll wait a bit longer and see where all this goes. Take care Janie!


  2. One of the reasons I got vaccinated was to help us get ahead of the mutations. It’s too bad so many people won’t even get one dose.

    I’ll keep in mind the wisdom you’ve shared here. Maybe there’s even a chance that I will meet someone when the time is right, like you and Pat. Take care of yourself.

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    • Totally unexpected at this time in our lives ~ I believe people come into each other’s lives for a purpose. I’m grateful that we had each other through this pandemic. Please take care of yourself too! I think we’re on the road to recovery.

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