Me in the Middle of Inktober 2021

Today begins INKTOBER 2021!!

I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to participate this year. Maybe you’re looking for something fun and creative to fill your time. It turned out to be very satisfying for me back in 2018 when I needed to fill my days during recovery from a medical procedure. Looking back on the post below that I did back in 2018 gave me a sense of real satisfaction so I thought I’d share the information with you.

Here’s the Prompt List for the Month of October beginning today. You can go to the INKTOBER 2021 Facebook Page and share your ink sketch each day:


Below you’ll find the re-blog of my post back in 2018. It’ll give you an idea of how it works. You can also take a look at other INKTOBER sketches on the Facebook Page to see all the great ideas.

I Survived Inktober 2018

This month has been an eventful month!

I had a medical set-back that sent me to the emergency room a few months back and was soon diagnosed with AVNRT which is a form of Supraventricular Tachycardia.  A Cardiac Ablation was scheduled for October 15th and while waiting for that date, my activity level took a nose dive.

Then I heard about Inktober 2018 and decided it would be a great way to pass the time and fight the boredom.  It would calm my pre-surgery fears and also give me a buffer-zone against the ugly, stressful developments in our country’s politics.  The challenge is to come up with an ink-sketching idea based on a daily prompt.  Here’s the video that explains Inktober much better than I could:

How to Do Inktober


So all went well with the Cardiac Ablation and I’m just completing my recovery with a good report from the doctor.  I also finished all 31 days of Inktober and feel pretty good about it.  Take a look at my sketches.  Maybe you’ll join us next year for Inktober 2019?

Week One ~ Oct 1st thru 7th

Week Two ~ Oct 8th thru 14th

Week Three ~ Oct. 15th thru 21st

Week Four ~ Oct. 22nd thru Oct 30th


And HAPPY HALLOWEEN ~ Enjoy a Margarita on me!! 

(I’d love to know which sketch you liked the best!  Leave your choice in comments!)

Day 31 Slice #3

2 thoughts on “Me in the Middle of Inktober 2021

  1. Your sketches are cute! I might try this even though my abilities are, let’s say limited. 🙂 October just might be the best month. Archtober is underway here. There are some virtual programs, in case anyone is interested (

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