Pandemic 2020 ~ October (Revisited)

Satire Facebook Page 2020

My blog has stayed clear of politics for the most part. Not being affiliated with any party, I fly by my intuition based on the person and the party’s performance over the years. Yet last year around this time I was feeling absolutely frustrated and outraged at how the COVID-19 pandemic had turned political. How could those who represent us and our welfare use a devastating public health crisis for political points? My main frustration last year was with the president in office at that time. It was the most bizarre thing that I’ve witnessed in all the partisan drama over the years. So, I’m revisiting that time as a reminder of how it all began and where we are today

On this date last year the number of deaths in the United States was 227,409. Today that number has reached 756,362.

The United States is still #1 in cases and deaths globally. My attitude going forward has changed. I’m no longer trying to pinpoint where we as a country went wrong. My only responsibility is in how I respond to this threat and how to follow the guidelines to protect myself and others. It doesn’t serve me well to rant at those who continue to rebel against authority who has years of experience and knowledge in serving humanity and science. Yes, those who refuse to mask up and those who refuse to get vaccinated are contributing to the spread of this virus in our country. It’s mind boggling! Some things we can’t control and how we respond in a crisis is within our control.


The Right Thing ~ Post October 2020

The graphic above is the Satire DT, not the Real DT. There’s wisdom and leadership in that advice. Something we sadly don’t have. This is pretty much what I’ve been doing since this pandemic started back in early March. And finally I went ahead and checked the right box shown above. I voted very early by mail. It was the only right thing to do. Anyone who has played the kind of reckless games that the current president has played during this pandemic doesn’t deserve four more years.


The Right Thing
By Jan Beaumont ©️

The New Zealand election has now come and gone
And we’re settling back into our lives
But quite soon they will vote in the United States
And they’ve lately been flashing the knives.

Where we had two women, quite young in their years
The US has two older blokes
One of them seems to be quite dignified
While the other’s the butt of the jokes.

I just hope the American people come through
As their country sure needs to get well
But I trust the majority have some good sense
Or they’re in for four more years of hell! 


The numbers keep rising (according to and medical professionals.


In spite of ongoing reporting from reputable news media and medical professionals that the virus is going to be getting worse, the president continues to downplay the threat and flaunt the rules of mask wearing and social distancing. In a surreal reality TV show, he’s hospitalized after a positive testing of COVID-19. After a dramatic display of miraculous cure, he continues large campaign rallies and accuses the doctors of lying in order to get money.

In March, the real Donald Trump retweeting this in a sick display of humor:

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