Me in the Middle~Random Act of Kindness

I want to share with you a wonderful act of kindness that totally blew my mind.

After our big snowstorm I went out to start my car and found that the battery was dead. I called road service, and someone came and jumped started my car. I was so grateful as there is a labor shortage and it took a while to find someone. He recommended that I have an auto parts store check the battery because it’s about 5 years old and they can install a new one if needed. He waited to be sure I was okay while I drove over to get my mail and get rid of garbage.

When I went out again to start my car the next day, it wouldn’t start again. I called the local auto parts store and was told I would need to get it jump started and drive it over to them. When I explained to him that I already had it jump started and this is the second time the car wouldn’t start. I was concerned because I’m handicapped and older and didn’t know if the car would stall out on my way over.

The person on the phone then said “Hold on. What make, model and year is your car?” I told him and he asked where it was. I told him it was in the front parking lot of my apartment complex. He asked if I could be out by the car and he would be right over.

He came right over and we chatted the whole time he worked on removing the old battery. When I said “At least the sun’s out today!” and he replied “Every day is a beautiful day!” He lifted my spirits and I told him I liked his attitude. After we talked more and he continued to put in a new battery, I turned the key in the ignition and the car started up beautifully!

I asked him how I should pay, by calling the store or here with him? He looked at me and said “You’re fine! Happy New Year!” I looked at him, not sure what he was saying? “You’re fine! I was given a second chance at life and the Lord wants me to live it out by helping others.” He went on and told me more and started to get into his car. I handed him the tip that I was prepared to give him which he declined at first, and I insisted. “What’s your name?” I asked. “God has always brought good people into my life just when I needed them. Thank you so much”

At first he hesitated, “It doesn’t matter.” he said. And then he paused, “My name is John

God’s Love is everywhere!


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