Me in the Middle of the Catskill Game Farm

~ Catskill Game Farm~

The above link is the promotional video of the Game Farm in 1992 before it closed in 2006.  This follow-up video shows a fly-over view after it closed.  I love the background music ~ Forever Young ~ Click Here.



While my children were growing up, a road trip to the Catskill Game Farm became a well anticipated fun day.  I don’t recall if my siblings and I went there.  At least I don’t have any pictures capturing the memory.  Recent news is that there’s an effort to revive the Game Farm.

New owners of former Catskill Game Farm have big plans for property (See video below) and following that,Click Here ,  for Catskill Game Farm Slaughter ~ The controversy over whether the Game Farm should exist or not and what became of the animals when the farm closed.


Catskill Game Farm

Two of my grandchildren visit the Catskill Game Farm in the 90’s

For more on the history of the Catskill Game Farm click on here…..

Growing Older, Growing Wiser…IF You Keep This in Mind

Thank you to Lisa Arends for this wonderful post.  

“They look back at their long lives with its many struggles with the gift of perspective. Perhaps they are able to see how something that was devastating at the time became a gift, even though it was unwanted and a great price, after the passage of the seasons. They view their myriad losses as part of the signs of a life spent giving and loving rather than focusing on what is no longer present.
Instead of questioning why things happened to them, they are able to look back with a sense of quiet pride that they made it through so many trials. And that confidence gives them the optimism that they’ll make it through the next one as well. With time and practice, coping skills and strategies have been perfected and practiced, using the difficult times as opportunities to become better.”

Lessons From the End of a Marriage

Have you noticed that some people seem to find their inner zen and worldly wisdom as they age while others only seem to settle into negativity and bitterness?

Have you ever wondered why that is?

As we get older, there are two opposing forces that can impact our general happiness and outlook. Two divergent agencies both raising their voices to be heard.

Which one will you listen to?

The Voice of Life Lost

When I look around me, I see some people who have made it beyond middle age without suffering any major setbacks or losses. But only a few. I’m convinced that wrinkles are only partially due to thinning collagen and the relentless pull of gravity. I think wrinkles are the visible signs of the emotional scars we carry in ever-increasing numbers.

And as those hurts and losses begin to compound, it’s easy to become buried. Become embittered. It…

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Me in the Middle of Ireland

A Guinness A Day Oct 1

Shamrock, Clover, Saint Patrick, Luck

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!


What finer day than Saint Patrick’s Day to recall the year that I came home to the land of my ancestors?   Other than ‘the wearing of the green’, I haven’t gotten into too much of the American Celebration of the Day.  I lived across the GW Bridge in NJ all my growing-up years and can’t recall ever going into the big parade in NYC!  I don’t remember ever drinking green beer!  I’ve enjoyed Irish Soda Bread and Corn Beef & Cabbage off and on.  Loved watching the Irish Dancers and even attempted to do the Irish Jig!  All these things helped me feel a part of the tribe …..  though nothing can compare to going Home to Ireland. 

Setting foot on Ireland’s soil touched me in such a deep, primal way that I truly felt I was coming home even though I’d never been there before!

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Photos include:  Cong farmland, Atlantic Ocean,  Cobh Port of Cork, Kennedy Park,  Rock of Cashel, Atlantic Ocean, Ha’Penny Bridge


Some watercolor sketches I did along the way.


“Above all else, deep in my soul, I’m a tough Irishwoman.”

~ Maureen O’Hara ~

Sláinte! ☘


Beautiful Music of Ireland

Me in the Middle of Giving

‘In the shoes of the other, we learn to have a great capacity for understanding, for getting to know difficult situations.’

~ Pope Francis ~


Image by Pixabay

“There are many excuses” to justify why one does not lend a hand when asked by a person begging on the street, he said. Some may think, “‘I give money and he just spends it on a glass of wine!’” Pope Francis said.

But, he joked, a “glass of wine is his only happiness in life!”


Image by Pixabay


I like the pope’s nonjudgmental approach to the growing crisis of homelessness.  My fixed income as a retiree makes it difficult to give a lot in donations.  The local programs that are addressing how to ease this crisis deserve our support even though I know some people reject that help and prefer to be on the streets begging.  It’s tough to just walk or drive by and not acknowledge their presence.  I’ll keep my loose change handy so when the opportunity arises I’ll be ready to respond.


Coach Daddy ~ It’s all about fatherhood, futbol and food has asked the million dollar question.  Who would you give it to?  In six words, let me know your thoughts in comments below.

The fine citizens listed below in this post, however, know just what to do with a million dollars. In six words. I asked strangers, friends, and strange blogger friends, “If you had $1,000,000 but you had to give it to other people, who would you give it to?”

Click Here to see all of our great answers


Who would you give it to??


Linda G. Gill on Compassion

“Are we more likely to share with those who we have things in common? Yes? Why? How do we draw the line, when we consider everyone to be equal in our humanity? We all deserve to live. We all deserve what we work hard for. Yet sharing and compassion is what separates us from animals. It’s what makes us human.”

To read Linda’s post click here…..

Me in the Middle of Meditation


Image by Pixaby

This month I’m taking a meditation class with the local Lifelong Learning Institute.  It’s all part of my renewal process for meeting the changes that come with Spring and the Easter message of re-birth.  I’ve come to cherish the symbolism and life-teaching moments of each Season.
While visiting two of the bloggers I have been following I found that they had posted similar messages.  ~ One 3 Easy Ways to Become More Mindful and the other Let Things Flow
The practice of being more mindful and letting things flow is becoming easier now that I’m taking the time out of my day to sit quietly and remove myself from the concerns and distractions of the day.  (Pulling the Plug on Cable sure has helped me get rid of the noise and chatter of all that’s going on in our country and world lately 😉 )
I found this video on How to Train Your Monkey Mind to be very helpful.  The Buddhist monk reminds me of our meditation instructor with his gift of calming humor.


Let Things Flow

springtime forest

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous
changes. Don’t resist them; that only
creates sorrow. Let reality be reality.
Let things flow naturally forward
in whatever way they like.

source: Lao Tzu
image: Eddie’s Image Collection, Springtime Forest