Me in the Middle ~ 9/11 Poem

Me In The Middle

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I just now discovered a poem I wrote on September 22, 2001 so I thought I’d share it:



If we see life a bit clearer and appreciate its beauty
and glory alongside its horror and sorrow ~
They have not died in vain.

If we’ve reached out to those we love and
opened our hearts a bit more in trust ~
They have not died in vain.

If we’ve learned beyond a doubt that politics and religion
can be dividers of people as well as reconcilers of people ~
They have not died in vain

If we now know that God’s grace and love resides in the
hearts of individuals regardless of race, creed or country ~
They have not died in vain.

Freedom or fear; Love or fear; Courage or fear ~
Everyday battles fought in everyday lives.


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Me in the Middle Dreaming of Kauai


I’ve been invited to go to Kauai!

My bucket list isn’t too long.  I’m content with the simple things in life.  Kauai …… Hawaii!  Surely of bucket list quality!  Traveling has been an adventure for me and I’ve always  wanted to ‘seize the day’ when opportunity knocks.   This is one of those times when opportunity is knocking at my door and it’s an opportunity I’d be reluctant to refuse.



When I was a child we weren’t taught to make a bucket list.  We just let life happen and went with the flow.  Our parents chose what they felt was best for us.  We were together and that made for happiness in ‘seizing the day’.   My life has been full in many ways, especially in the meaningful things.  As a young woman, wife and mother, my joy (and sorrows) have been my ‘seize the day’ moments as I fulfilled the loving roles the best I could. God is with us through it all ~ the good and the bad.  I worked my bucket list into those years in my own way.

Now I’m given those moments to find joy in the gifts that I find along the way.  Those moments when the universe smiles down on us and you know it is good.  Friends that I meet come into my life and fill me up where I need to be filled, and teach me lessons that help me to grow.  Opportunities fall in place when I’m open to receive them and when I trust my God-given intuition that the timing is right.

So, this opportunity has gracefully fallen into my life.  I thought my bucket list had just about been  checked off and I am always content with the simple things in life.  A relationship is growing and he’s invited me to Kauai.



Seize the Day

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Me In The Middle of Finding My Middle Ground

Find Your Middle Ground

“Life is a series of highs and lows.
Be grateful for the highs.
Be graceful in the lows.
Enjoy life fully and find contentment in your Middle Ground”

Val Boyko

Find Your Middle Ground

sun rising

There is Love Here

I feel the warm
embrace of spirit
flowing into me
from somewhere
I can’t see

There is love here, arising
inside me as naturally
as the sky brightens
before dawn – love
enough to fill all of us,
and some more besides.

The spontaneous grace
of the divine is moving
through the universe,
unfazed by fear or
obstacle of any kind,

Yes, its clear
there is love here.

Danna Faulds

A loving reminder for those who may have lost their way today.


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