Me in the Middle ~ 9/11 Poem



I just now discovered a poem I wrote on September 22, 2001 so I thought I’d share it:



If we see life a bit clearer and appreciate its beauty
and glory alongside its horror and sorrow ~
They have not died in vain.

If we’ve reached out to those we love and
opened our hearts a bit more in trust ~
They have not died in vain.

If we’ve learned beyond a doubt that politics and religion
can be dividers of people as well as reconcilers of people ~
They have not died in vain

If we now know that God’s grace and love resides in the
hearts of individuals regardless of race, creed or country ~
They have not died in vain.

Freedom or fear; Love or fear; Courage or fear ~
Everyday battles fought in everyday lives.

If we can believe that the way we live our lives;
The way we treat each other;
And the way we respond to hatred and evil
will bring about change in this world ~
Then they have not died in vain.

(Dedicated to the Victims and Families of September 11, 2001)


Photo by Thomas E. Franklin, The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

Me In The Middle Of A Virtual Cup of Coffee


Writing 101 ~ Update my readers over a cup of coffee 

Coffee Mug #2

(c) Mary Lou Q



If we were having coffee right now …..

I’d tell you how awesome it is that we can connect this way and how much it means to me to be able to share with you.  Some of you are from all over the world and some are right here in the USA.  The ability to get to know you while sitting in my living room with a cup of coffee is fantastic!


If we were having coffee right now …..

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