Haiku – Difficulty

It’s in the looking back that we’ve come to know how true this is….. And in the present moment that we’ve come to have faith and hope in the future. ❤

Find Your Middle Ground

May the truth you seek
Rise out of difficulty
Find your Middle Ground

Every experience we have in life is an opportunity to witness. To step back, observe and attend to.

Beneath the discomfort and suffering is something precious that wants to be known.

In times of difficulty, pause and be with whatever comes up. Give it space so you can feel it fully.

As you come to this place full of hard and hurtful edges, let yourself soften.

Open your heart to it, and let compassion melt the negative thinking and resistance.

Find your Middle Ground and the truth and love within.


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Me in the Middle of Reblogging Faith

Good Friday and Easter are fast approaching.  A time where I find myself reflecting on where my faith lies and where my spiritual awareness has brought me to.
~ The A to Z Blog Challenge 2017 ~  is in full swing.  When I stop by to visit some of the A to Z bloggers it brings to mind how much I received through participating last year 2016.  I’ve decided to reblog one of the posts today ~ Lessons Learned Letter F ~.

Added to that, I came across this wonderful post from ~ The Happy Quitter ~.   Another compelling reflection on spiritual growth and faith!  Click on the link and visit her great website:


“The Window”, in my opinion, was written by Cohen as a reflection of his spiritual quest. It’s an appeal to all people to live rather than stand at the window, watching the endless parade of possibility. It’s an appeal to go out into an unknown and terrifying future rather than starving slowly.


“The Window” by Leonard Cohen

Why do you stand by the window
Abandoned to beauty and pride
The thorn of the night in your bosom
The spear of the age in your side
Lost in the rages of fragrance
Lost in the rags of remorse
Lost in the waves of a sickness
That loosens the high silver nerves

Oh chosen love, Oh frozen love
Oh tangle of matter and ghost
Oh darling of angels, demons and saints
And the whole broken-hearted host
Gentle this soul

And come forth from the cloud of unknowing
And kiss the cheek of the moon
The New Jerusalem glowing
Why tarry all night in the ruin
And leave no word of discomfort
And leave no observer to mourn
But climb on your tears and be silent
Like a rose on its ladder of thorns

Oh chosen love, Oh frozen love

Then lay your rose on the fire
The fire give up to the sun
The sun give over to splendour
In the arms of the high holy one
For the holy one dreams of a letter
Dreams of a letter’s death
Oh bless thee continuous stutter
Of the word being made into flesh

Oh chosen love, Oh frozen love

Gentle this soul

~ The Window ~ Leonard Cohen~


Me In The Middle


My theme for the A to Z Blog Challenge @AprilA2Z during the month of April is ~ My Life Is My Masterpiece ~ Lessons Learned




~ This Too Shall Pass ~

When things are bad, remember:
It won’t always be this way.
Take One Day at a Time.

When things are good, remember:
It won’t always be this way.
Enjoy every great moment.

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When I speak of Faith in this post, I’m thinking more of a that inner conviction that life is good and, no matter what we face, we’ve got what it takes to make it through.  Each persons’ individual belief in how to come to this inner conviction is unique to them.  I respect whatever religion or way of life that helps a person move along their path to  find this place of Faith, Hope and Love.  We’re all so much alike when it…

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Growing Older, Growing Wiser…IF You Keep This in Mind

Thank you to Lisa Arends for this wonderful post.  

“They look back at their long lives with its many struggles with the gift of perspective. Perhaps they are able to see how something that was devastating at the time became a gift, even though it was unwanted and a great price, after the passage of the seasons. They view their myriad losses as part of the signs of a life spent giving and loving rather than focusing on what is no longer present.
Instead of questioning why things happened to them, they are able to look back with a sense of quiet pride that they made it through so many trials. And that confidence gives them the optimism that they’ll make it through the next one as well. With time and practice, coping skills and strategies have been perfected and practiced, using the difficult times as opportunities to become better.”

Lessons From the End of a Marriage

Have you noticed that some people seem to find their inner zen and worldly wisdom as they age while others only seem to settle into negativity and bitterness?

Have you ever wondered why that is?

As we get older, there are two opposing forces that can impact our general happiness and outlook. Two divergent agencies both raising their voices to be heard.

Which one will you listen to?

The Voice of Life Lost

When I look around me, I see some people who have made it beyond middle age without suffering any major setbacks or losses. But only a few. I’m convinced that wrinkles are only partially due to thinning collagen and the relentless pull of gravity. I think wrinkles are the visible signs of the emotional scars we carry in ever-increasing numbers.

And as those hurts and losses begin to compound, it’s easy to become buried. Become embittered. It…

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